14 September 2005

live @ the kickoff

Hey, there's an Aliant kiosk in the Bud Light tent. Two computers sharing the good life. So here i am blogging live at the Harvest kick-off.

On stage right now is the STU [St Thomas University] Jazz Ensemble. According to the Harvest Fest website, it ". . . was formed nine years ago to provide students and faculty members from STU and the University of New Brunswick an opportunity to preform and develop their skills in the genre of jazz music. Under the direction of Don Bosse, the ensemble performs for various functions on campus during the academic year as well as in their own concert series. The ensemble has performe[d] in the Edmundston Jazz [Festival] and regularly at Harvest."

Among the many musicians, Matte Robinson, on trumpet, and Jenenne Gallant, on trombone, are onstage. In the break after Ensemble is done, and before Bob Walsh performes,

I hope, having already discussed it outfront of city hall with Kora, to record my first interview and raw station ID of this year's festival—a short one with them & Kora as the members of Vetch. Last night, Vetch opened for Matt Dusk @the playhouse. They have at least one other performance in the festival.

Amber, my fellow CHSR media hound, will not be here tonight because of her radio show from 9:30-11 pm.

shirt: whale petroglyph
loc: Bud Light Blues Tent
temp: 20 C
sound: a samba number being performed live by STU Jazz Ensemble


Unknown said...

How much fun are you having?! Have a great time.

Liz said...

yay little feat are here!