13 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 12

because the pope scope may be cursed
because corey has lost one of the papal crosses

she made last night to affix to the outside
because i once spent 15 minutes in nain

labrador on a flight out of happy valley-goose
bay bound for school presentations in makkovik

because poetry took me to the labrador coast
and poetry brought me back from that edge

because folding tables and chairs have arrived
because a long-legged spider is running about

the table and over my opened journal pages
because amber wants to use me for classwork

a photoshoot tomorrow—artists in their studios
is her independent study this school term

because bearing witness takes as many forms
as people watching witnessing documenting

interpreting translating creating from being
because squirrels mark each acorn and nut

with their own unique scent before burying them
and they dig up only their own nuts honourably


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