16 September 2005

Rockin' David Wilcox

kellie, this one's for you.

David Wilcox in Fredericton, 16 Sept 2005I first saw David Wilcox live in Toronto, in the Nag's Head North. Same bar where I first saw The Minglewood Band and Danny Middlebrook & the Wasters. Matt Minglewood is playing tonight in the Mojo Tent in Off Square. Wilcox is here in the 1 York St Bud tent.

I was underage in Toronto in 1979, studying electronics at DeVry, sharing an groundfloor apartment near the corner of Eglinton & Keele with "Alberta" (a.k.a. Dave)—another student at the school.

Wilcox's power trio permanently burned themselves into my mind & body with songs like "Bad Apple" and "Bump Up Ahead." He still as wild tonight. Bald, a bit of a paunch, that that guitar, that insanely plastic expressive face. Stunning. Starts with "Riverboat Fantasy"

Life for me is a riverboat fantasy
Watchin' the sun go down
A rock and roll band
With a reefer in my hand
Now look at that wheel go around
Cocaine kisses and moonshine misses
That's the life for me
I'm sailing away from my heartache
On a riverboat fantasy

. . . and just keeps going and going . . .

[photo here tomorrow]

shirt: chsr
loc: bud life tent
sound: David Wilcox live, "Cheap Beer Joint"

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