12 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 9

because more nails is always better
because sometimes poetry needs a hammer

because ned bear's butternut woodchips were
claimed for reuse for firing chalk pastel

onto copper maple leaves for shadowbox tables
because they might not get the studio for art

might be outbid by man willing to pay more rent
because the wind gusts are so blustery the tent

canvas ripples and flows like ocean waves
because detached oak leaves drift into the case

because the soup slow-cooked while i wrote
because it's 7:30 pm in every paris café

because the soup is smoked turkey & vegies
because corey scored abandoned student clothes

because these are some of my foolish things
because the crazy chaos of jazz tent is not

jazz and the rattle-boom of staging emptied
from budget truck is not percussion smooth

because picnic tables must not block paths
because we're working in a festival warzone


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