07 September 2005

Accident TV

It's been a while since I had a good accident in the intersection of York & George. Sometimes I actually see them happen. Sometimes I've been out in the street with my cordless talking to Fred Police dispatch. Handing my phone over to the involved parties.

This accident is nothing like that. From inside my bedroom, I heard the hit. Tires and brakes and metal connecting when it isn't ever supposed to connect. But tonight's accident wasn't a car crippling event. Two cars. One, a blue sedan driven by an older man who uses an alminium cane to stand and walk. The other, also a 4-door sedan, some light, off-white colour, with two boys and two girls in it. The shorter of the boys, the driver. My guess is that the kid's car, coming north on York, hit somewhere on the right passenger side of the blue sedan turning infront of them, crossing their path, onto George.

A shank's mare passerby claims that he smells gasoline. the police flashlights come out. Are used to inspect the two cars. A small spot of something is touched and then finger tips sniffed by cops and one of the girl passengers. Can't hear they say what it is. Presumeably, not gasoline.

Up to four cop cars on the scene simultaneously. The first there (and to leave) was an unmarked surprise. How bad the damage is I don't know, can't see the far sides of the cars. Both cars drive away under their own power. No towtrucks. No fire department cleanup crew. No shattered car bits in the ashphalt.

If I had a digital camera, I would still post a pic of the millimg people and police, cars with flashing lights that block the street.

stirt: Mug Club '96
loc: viewing stn
temp: 18 C
sound: fan on 1

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