19 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 34

because they start the interview with maria bour
outside—barracks building casements in background

because chris plugs in guitar and plays near-whale
blues to second start super-8 film processing day

because i was bumped off my worktable for chris
interview angle and post blog cordless wireless

from that same green rocking chair outside in sun
because i have to write faster than i think or see

the keys while writing for the camera for show:
local arts or act local or loco or something that

i can't remember but have written down in journal
because this is almost done (one more shot)

because it's a long shot of typing me from outside
first local camera approaching the casement

because i'm outta here for that coffee food
because mad marilyn just came into our space

and i didn't say a thing to her—no words
audible—just silent prayer in my grinning head

because i remembered that i forgotten my bowl
of oatmeal pumpkin sunflower seeds blueberries


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