22 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 46

because my life would earn them revenue
because it wouldn't likely enrich my life

because i may purchase a diploma of expertise
commemorative and/or reserve discounted copies

of international directory of experts and expertise
because i have not used a certain credit line in a year

they will assume i no longer want and will cancel
because online i just became idle

because i want/need coffee and inspiration
because i've a first load ready on the handcart

because i'll be so relieved to get back support
because i don't want to be up on the gossip

because spiderweb is a compound word
because i've held off over half a poem

before blogging the last one written
because i've taken to sneezing repeatedly

because pigeons fly up
because even xxx has multiple meanings

because camp b-70 was invisible for decades
because silas has gone to paint in his studio


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