12 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 7

because a bald eagle was circling overhead
because liz and me want to find a way for me

to type on fabric permanent type poetry for her
to incorporate into her handbag production

because the stool back is definitely broken
two screws missing from previous repair job

because we’ve already run out of pushpins
because i’m about to snap shut the american

padlock on big red doors of this temp studio
because empty i was redeemed for only $6.95

because the humidity in our vase is sticky
the sun hot already 21 c by 10:30 the blues

tent for barrack’s square is being assembled
as i write with the specials’ ska singles

bus tour out of bawstawn dropped outside barracks
because commercial tent crew dispenses earplugs

in advance of using their gas-powered jackhammer
pushing pins through parking lot asphalt and grass

because taperfit™2 regular size is too big
for my earholes i squeeze the expanded foam


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