13 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 11

because karen ruet's photography class is outside
because she will have them running around slr cameras

in hand focusing and stressing over lightmeters
and f-stops and whether they'll ever get good exposure

because a casemate poems book was purchased live
because I'm running lone today and feeling slower

alone with me the only crazy in the space and less convo
because i'm running three hello conversations with people

in fredericton sackville and timberlea simultaneously
because i've slowed too much so much that tempo

must be a factor of energy in space-mind continuum
because reggae music in da afternoon is a good ting

because the electric boys have arrived with tools
for their power-up part of the bigtop setup while

linda brine brings one of her textile classes outside
to a picnic table—all ring binders pens pencils

because a bottle of whining would be bad canning
but a good wine right now could be a fine thing

because a block of soapstone in johanus' hands
became a penguin carved polished and sold yesterday



Anonymous said...

hey; finding the new casemates pretty interesting.....

would you ever do a full casemate collection? maybe?

Joe Blades said...

parts one, two and the reprise? certainly possible. especially if i coninue to never hear anything from Widows & Orphans

Anonymous said...

well, there is that. i think (eventually, whether you hear from them or not) it might make a lovely (larger) collection. hey.

hawkins reads tonight; should be cool.