16 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 20

because the creative juices must keep flowing
because i can't find the spare camera barrery

because the battery here is the wrong size
because it's the morning after little feat

because ophelia is 70 klicks north of hattaras
and slowly moving her tropical wind & rain this way

because ophelia is storm two of a ko-ed america
because my ears feel last night's so loud

because i shared a hit in the york parking lot
with paul and fred outside the hot tomato bus

because tonight they play a show in portland me
because today is corey's last day in residence

because she brought her car in at 0-dark-hundred
and loaded tables and big stuff impossible later

because ruth is working wireless with coffee
at a table outside carriage house inn on university

because noel's "old-fashioned word processor"
photograph of moi in action (two words—thanks rob)

appeared in yesterday's telegraph journal paper
because we have sunshine between stormfronts


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