10 September 2005

In the casemate (again)

I rolled into the casemate about 10 of 10 this morning with three cartons stacked on my stickered hand-truck. Corey Frost had already started unloading her car: grinder, plastic picnic table, handtools, coffee- and endtables forms that she intends to work with; to mix natural wood forms, branches, with stained glass. How do we arrange ourselves?

With her glass cutting and grinding she wants to be against the back of the casemate with her worktapble in front—a setup that should discourage the curious, kids or dults, from going behind the table. I don't want to write facing the wall—much as it's a wall of incredible texture and tonal range in the painted stone and brick and cinder block and mortar. But facing it across the width of a table might be too reminiscent of school/classroom punishment: "turn your desk and face the wall until the end of class." So I've set a 4-foot table, side to the wall, at the back of the long-ultra-low table along the wall upon which I've displayed various books, bookworks, supplies and objects. Sitting behind the desk I too face out the casemate. Our tables are staggered against opposite walls so we've a great open space down the centre of the casemate.

I've already written my first poem for casemate poems (reprise). A 20-line anaphora in couplets where the lines all begin with the word "because", and I've pinned it to the long line of wall-mounted 2x4s.

Corey forgot her stained glass supplies and finished kaleidoscopes. Says that she'll bring her digital camera tomorrow so that I can play "Live from the FAA Casemate" on this blog. I didn't bring the audio recording eqipment yet.

shirt: blue longsleeve T + Black cotton shirt
loc: FAA casemate, Barracks' Square
temp: 16 C @ airport, the sun-filled Square is warmer, the casemate is cooler
sound: Charlie Haden & Pat Methaney, Beyond the Misourri Sky (Short Stories)

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