19 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 36

because i need to make a green building dash
because rob asks "will all the casemate poems

be published together in one book?" what can i say?
because i'm no longer fit for public consumption

because i need to get on my too idle bicycle
peddle furiously out of town and return calm

because an hour of hard bike in gear 20 slows
because i'm typing with helmet and gloves on

because i don't know you and don't want
because you never said hi or any greeting

because you said loudly "please move your things
so i can lock up" without even stepping inside

because that table and chair are not my things
because if you're irritated don't dump on me

because tomorrow nothing will be there—nothing
in front of or near red door and your iron gate

because i know your routine and want nothing
because we're supposed to be sharing this space

this tourism culture and sport occupied building
because i must cut out 10 minutes early


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