20 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 40

because ruth found me in a paparazzi photo
from the little feat (don't fail me now) show

because chris has edited his movie footage
of me typing with footage of festival crew

cutting turf for water runoff from the tent
out front—great labour action film footage

because once i described room-sized tape loops
in quarter-inch audio recording editing splicing

done at nscad chris' head filled with visions
of film loops—16mm and super-8—and multiple

projectors sequentialyy screening different parts
of the same film in a projection installation

because there's a 60% chance of thundershowers
because chris has gone to get or buy a snack

because i'll not be closing the case today
because i'll be leaving about 3 pm or so

because i've not been able to write grant applic
and i need to write successful applications

because i need to work on book & chapbook edits
and need to publish (print & bind) next week


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