11 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 5

because i didn't go to the taproom
because i didn't hear dub antenna last night

because i'd performed seven straight hours
because i was watching the sopranos premiere

because i'd eaten orange ginger salmon filet
because i was happy to be drinking bitter

because i was haulled toward food by liz
because the lunar rogue was a calling her

because her bourbon steak was beautifully blue
because white taxis reflect too much light

because of outside of . . . outside edmonton
because the digital camera cable is still in debec

because the canon-buldled software is installed
because a drive offered is better than a taxi

because i'm alone in this space now
because i can hear conversing people not seen

because the tow away zone is not on sunday
because a list written is easily referenced

because an idea prototype is a nothing sketch
because pacific rim starfish need backing


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