23 July 2006

prison song 02

Joe Blades © 2006

sweetgrass on compound air
post-military establishments
saturday afternoon songs and
dreamcatcher making workshop
more water in the air that inside
our bodies walking through grass
bright green with wet droplets
the car after being emptied
of chocolate factory tour
recorded music and road maps
gets returned with a note
that it drifts to the right
possibly because it has east
of canada newfoundland plates
i just want to sleep the day
away—not work on the slate
or the pounding black keys
the blank staring paper
after carving green eyes
for my stags standant at gaze
fused elements banner-device
black tea in today’s mug
a quiet quiet afternoon
can’t easily maintain public
face appearance this damp day
sounds of guitar playing drift
across from stone guardhouse
without vocals or bodies seen
a guard not a soldier prisoner
in the gaol from too much
last night in their blood
chilled by torrential cold
july rain and little clothing
in the hour after last call
caught sneaking back
into the compound worse
than attempting to leave

T-shirt: Odawa Pow Wow
loc: Garrison District Soldier's Barracks
temo: 19 C
sound: Terry Kelly "Tribute"

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