28 January 2009

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 27 Jan 2009

The feature of this Ashes, Paper & Beans episode was an interview conducted and recorded by Joe Blades with video artist Peter Kingstone and Gallery ConneXion director Meredith Snider.

It was followed by two Hilary Peach spoken word pieces: "Tattoo" & "Loretta".

A Klyde Broox demo CD set: "Literary Coup", "Foreign Accent", "Under the Influence of Dub" & "The Revolution has Changed".

UNB Reading news and 3-Day Novel Contest winners.

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24 January 2009

The Night Before Robbie Burns Day

Robert Burns by Helen MacKinnon 1935 (Photo by Joe Blades)You don't have to be Scottish!?!

Saturday, January 24, 2009 at 7:30pm
(after the BAG and ConneXion exhibition openings @ The Beaverbrook Art Gallery. 703 Queen St)

'Tis the night before Robbie Burns Day and all through the world, denizens are partying, rollicking and . . . well, drinking Scotch, eating haggis, reading poetry, dropping down drunk and throwing up.

This is a BlackTop MotorCycle Gang reading raid open to the public. It will start at Biff's place (158 Brunswick Street, Apt 3-C . . . behind the big red brick house with the huge balcony and porch between Smythe and Northumderland . . . his building is around back) with readings from Robbie (for those who want to read . . . find them here http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=58856568901&h=AzHQG&u=oJuiM) and a good old Scottish chili and other snacks (bringing food is optional). Joe Blades will be bringing haggis (the most delicious haggis in the world and the only haggis Biff says he'll ever eat).

We'll meet at 7:30. After drinking (and you can bring whatever you want . . . for those of you with defective taste buds that won't accept Scotch) we'll head to the Robbie Burns statue on the Green beside he BAG (which is absent at the moment, but Broken Joe is bringing a bust o' th' Bard) to read to his ghost.

And then, it's just pure party-your-ass-off.

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22 January 2009

Noche Latina 2009

6 Feb 2009
Friday, 6-9 pm

Noche Latina—supporting locally-organized education and human rights initiatives in Guatemala—music, trad Central American meal, silent auction, salsa dancers.

Fredericton Chapter of the Maritime Breaking the Silence Network
@ Wilmot United Church gymnasium,
cnr of King & Carleton, Fredericton. NB.

—$10 adults, $8 student, $5 child (age 5-12), $20 family
—available at Doogle's café, MCAF, True Food Organics, Read's Newsstand.

20 January 2009

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 20 Jan 2009

An excerpt from The Robert Burns Story by John Cairney including Burn's Tom O'Shanter" and "For A' That And A' That".

"Love is a Small Town" by Hilary Peach.

"Oilers" by Vince Tinguely.

"Holmgang In Skaugnir" by Lord Torvald Torgarson.

"The Green" by Dasez Scott.

17 January 2009

Creating Speciality Props & Set Decoration Items for Film

Instructor: Joe Blades

An Intro–Theory & Hands-on workshop:

A hands-on workshop for anyone interested in learning how to create props and specialty items for film, television and video productions. The instructor will discuss how to research and make—with hands-on examples—signage; books and magazine covers; newspaper stories with photos; cigarette packages; beer, beverage, food and medication labels and packages; IDs cards; and much more!

22 March 2009, Sunday, 11 am–5 pm

Location: New Brunswick Film Co-op
(732 Charlotte Street, basement resource centre)
Fredericton, NB

$20 for Film Co-op Members
$30 for Non-Members

Attendee Limit: 10

[Registration begins in mid-January. Formally registering and paying in advance is the only way to ensure you will have a seat in the offered course. Register in person at the NB Film Co-op (call or email to make an appointment first, please!) Payment in person by cash, cheque or money order or by mail (cheques and money orders only). You can put your name on the waiting list for workshop if it’s already full. For more information, call Cat at: 506-455-1632 or email her at cathie@nbfilmcoop.com.]

+ + +

Joe Blades is a writer–artist living in Fredericton. On the editorial board of revue ellipse mag, he is Vice President–Membership Chair of the League of Canadian Poets, producer–host of the Ashes, Paper & Beans community radio program at CHSR 97.9 FM, and publisher of Broken Jaw Press. The author of six poetry collections, including River Suite and from the book that doesn’t close, two of his books have been translated and published in Serbian editions. In 2008, Blades worked—mainly in the art department—for or on a dozen short film and television projects including Pray, My Children, Diplomatic Relations, Dead to The World II, Birth of a Nicola and A Dark Radius.

Art's Birthday!

a hoof- or footprint in mud
from armour through sky trail
to the darkness of cast iron
watermakes in beach sand
seeing pattern in wind
bent grasses frozen
colour or shape of a stone
a piece of driftwood
sunlight on skin

14 January 2009

QWERTY Reads (again)

This Thursday QWERTY is playing your song. The Q Continuum is pleased as punch to present the last edition of the QWERTY reading series under the wacky rambunctious rule of Kathleen Brown. She has wrangled a slew of diverse and talented people to perform for the great folk of Fredtown, as she bids a sweet farewell to these Merrytimes.

We cordially invite you to celebrate Qwertaciously with these fabuolous peeps on the lineup:

Q Reads
Thursday January 15, 8pm, Wilser's Room (Capitol bar complex, Piper's Lane, 'tween King & Queen Streets, Fredericton)
with the awe-inspiring textual rumbles and roars of UNB's writer in rez
the swift, stellar styles of stunning
the mind-bending rhymes of lead dog
the lyrical cosmopolitician
& Q's own:
polymath PAT LEECH
and neat new beat SARAH KHOKHAR

Musical Rar-Rar - the victorious return of our imaginary band:
feat. jesse ferguson, morty bliss, pat leech, david bowie, hildegard von bingen and nico faieta

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 13 jan 2009

Beverly Mathurne, "Je vas vendre mon chasse-neige / Sellin' My Snow Blowin' Machine".

From Poems from Guantánano: The Detainees Speak: presented by Joan Kjaer and David Hamilton.

"He Sings" by Fortner Anderson + tape/head.

"Rant Against Otherness" by Klyde Broox.

Three Koluskap stories in Wolastoq'kew by Gwen Bear and (?).

"Lua rainbow" by Paula da Costa.

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08 January 2009

Found photo(repro) plus

Found in the snow on my front step on York Street, Fredericton, NB, on Monday 5 Jan 2009 after 6 pm on my way inside after a overlong work day. DC shades, likely a woman's; an empty Blige CD case for No More Drama [wow, is that only almost-eight years old? Feels like an early Tina or something else]; an unmarked, burned CD with an almost 24-minute audio track allegedly created "December 31, 1994, 8:00:02 PM" but I can't hear it.

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07 January 2009

Merry Po Mo Ortho Xmas Day

Photo just taken after an afternoon and evening of snow (with a promise of freezing rain overnight). Just south of my apartman on York, I saw this Post-Modern or Modern-Post nativity scene and just had to photograph it it on this Othrodox Christmas Day in many households :-)

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