28 March 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 28 mars 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Arts Show. Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM, http://www.chsrfm.ca/ Fredericton, NB.

bill bissett: "opening chant"

Max Middle, Ottawa Poetry Podcast, 2006.

Richard Truhlar: "Fossil Motion"

Tanya Evanson: "Book of Human Being"

Aural Heather: "Three Blocks West of Wonderland"

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21 March 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 22 March 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Arts Show. Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM, http://www.chsrfm.ca/ Fredericton, NB.

10th International Multicultural--Multilingual Poetry Reading & Poster Poem Exposition. Recorded 2010-03-20 @ Gallery ConneXion, Fredericton, NB. MC: Sophie M. Lavoie.

18 March 2012

staircase poem 42

(with thanks to brian wilson & mike love)

international drink
like you're irish day
& i'm wearing my i've got
irish roots
green t-shirt
with another green shirt
& an orange coat (apparently
my great-grandfather namesake
was grand master of the sandy
point orange lodge) but
it's too warm for the coat
& my irish like my english
has strong scandinavian roots
french huguenot roots too

have been writing & rewriting
adding pages to the report
making room for more & ...

       good good good good citations
       i'm quotin' these good citations
       she's giving me more citations
       good good good good citations

       i   i love the colourful thoughts she has
       & the way the sunlight plays upon her wine
       i hear the sound of intel words
       on the wind that carries sheep bells through the air

       gotta keep these lovin' good citations
       a happenin' with us
       gotta keep these lovin' good citations
       a happenin' with us
       gotta keep these lovin' good citations
       a happenin'

& i'm in d'avray 145 right now
after a run to covey basics
scoop 'n' save bulk barn & anbl
picking up found gloves & a foam
red heart on sidewalk en route
to a pint or twa at alden nowlan
house open this saturday afternoon
st paddy's day celebración especial

17 mars 2012

15 March 2012

14th Annual Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture

14th Annual Christina Sabat Memorial Lecture

Figures in Landscapes:
Tony and Jane Urquhart discuss “sense of place”

Les figures dans les paysages :
Tony et Jane Urquhart discutent « le sens du lieu »
Thursday March 22, 7:00 pm

Free admission, Donations welcome.

703 Queen Street, Fredericton

14 March 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 14 mars 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM, http://www.chsrfm.ca/ Fredericton, NB.

Beth Powning reading from The Sea Captain's Wife.

Dracul van Helsing reading John Donne's No Man is an Island.

Leonardo de Fincley: Get off your high horse.

Edwin Mars doing a few sonnets.

Tanya Evanson with four poems: "Blood and Honey", "Slow Man", Dervish Weaponery . Derviş sílahi", & "Living is Nothing".

R.C. Weslowski: "how round is round", "love part 3: my heart is a glass pinata", & "as i breathe".

staircase poem 41

two score pommes in basket
appendix to report still
needing completion closure

completion & a good defence
of my project with report
to the faculty's dean & to
school of graduate studies
& then to some committee
or university senate
for final approval before
i am really graduated

but right now today
perhaps i am third
fire extinguisher
in office ex-custodial
room—something to do
with fluid mechanics
raoul & christina's love
script sheets left onstage
in dugald blue auditorium

consider the poetry in
my striking my exhibition
same time same day
—lucky 13th—as my advisor
& supervisor jenn p was
loading in & installing
new version of landscape—
love & longing in saint john
arts centre with golden dome

tomorrow afternoon will be at airport
on striking workers picket line with
public service alliance president

staircase poem 40

on foot on the move
listen up people
your observer–participant
is a most challenging wiggle
too busy for his own shadow
to keep attached to his body
he's exiting the building
& heading downhill—where
is he going—need eyes
tell me where he is going
why am i not seeing him
on screen—what is
that building—advancement
alumni & a union office—
why aren't we in there
is that a limp is he
limping is/was he military
or is he injured check
his records his file

13 March 2012

staircase poem 39

exhibition teardown was
fast easy & efficient
but i was prepared—
had everything from
the load-in in boxes
plus screwdrivers
that's all we needed—
parents helping me
after first seeing
exhibition on its
its last day in charlotte
glencross gallery

now i’ve moved typewriter
from charlotte street
to d'avray hall 145
for more typing–writing
in the other stairwell
busy with bed puppy mill
& english language programs
students from around the world

sad to see empty lines
hang down artless walls
lines with hooks but no bait
to catch suspected or alleged
art loitering in public
with intent—some art
needs a good hanging
some needs to be set free

this too warm room
with two desks—only one
occupied—& royal typewriter
not a romanian secret prison
near tisa river & ukraine
with locked-in interrogation room
cuffed & chained prisoner
& interrogator both in the box
bright light & manual typewriter
to instantly transcribe q&a

staircase poem 38

i remember irving
layton from readings
in toronto in
the early 1980s
can't recall where
but remember
his intensity
his head shaking
big eyebrows
barrel of a man

today would
have been his
100th birthday
so i'm cohost
of a centenary
community poetry
reading in alden
nowlan house on
unb fredericton
campus tonight

[but grad house
is closed
so we relocate
to lorna drew's
living room with
barkus the guard
poodle & glasses
of water all 'round]

12 March 2012

staircase poem 37

found a black glove
found green cloth flower corsage
found a twonie coin

photographed a snow robin
photographed a flying crow
videotaped myself typing poem
should videotape myself
reading a poem or two aloud
don’t know how shaky the hand-held
video will be but i will see

have to get ready to
give a exhibition walkthrough
with amanda on skype
and my toshiba notebook
in hand & headphone–mic
combo set on my head
& hanna at six months
talks us through the tour
the lion sleeps tonight
plays in the dance studio

staircase poem 36

i wonder about the story
of the yellow tree or trees
not in any forest but
in people's yards close to houses
limbed close to the trunk
& skinned—all bark removed—
then painted yellow to signify
something i don't know

& the sarajevo eye from
a mortar round on wall
of a hostel above a bakery
—pekera edin—in old
turkish market adjacent
sarajevo city hall not used
many years before archduke
ferdinand & his wife sophia
were assassinated in the street
& that triggered the great war
—world war i—& the end
of that empire though yugoslavia
wasn't built—pulled together—
until 1943 in world war ii

& i wonder about buildings
in belgrade bombed by nato
bombed by canadian & american
fighter jets & some buildings
have not been rebuilt—have not
been cleaned up—have unexploded
bombs inside them today
these many years after the bombing
& will they ever safely be
defused & removed?

11 March 2012

staircase poem 35

on friday afternoon after
centre for arts & technology
graduation ceremony or awards
something ended in auditorium
crowd of parents students &
siblings stream through hall
& down the stairs to the world
but some pool on this landing
quietly waiting for something

out of the crowd steps jean
rooney irish–canadian artist
& part-time instructor at cfat
with a passion for artmaking
& a tale of altered typewriters
too strong for fredericton public
she's been told but she wants
for me to see them sometime
—maybe at type-in event?

a typewriter with alpha-
numeric keys replaced
with teeth—both real
human teeth & dental casts
—then used to type
with teeth hitting–biting
ribbon & inking paper—
& another typewriter with teeth
for the rows of buttons
to touch type or hunt’n’peck

staircase poem 34

imagen no disponsible
even quieter today
in arts centre than yester-
saturday & hall lights off
sun through windows illuminates
& i remember the complaint
from tenants not my neighbours
in halifax apartment below
a complaint delivered
as a warning from landlord
that i cannot type
in the nightime
because the sound disturbed
—& that with a purring
ibm selectric not a manual

& now i envision
flash mob on with typewriters
filling a café or bar
parliament hill queen’s park
with an open mic for reading
the just composed & typed

some see me as gallery sitter
or attendant as i have been
oft in times past in halifax
new york city & fredericton
but i prefer being here
with intent & purpose
more than watching dust
motes float on the air
as posters slowly fade
in the sun’s strong light

10 March 2012

staircase poem 33

could crowdfunding work
for a poet & poetry project
the way salmon arm community
published spit on wishes
nearly thirty years ago
by horse-logging poet lorne
dufour many years after
he dropped out of university
with an incomplete thesis
on the poetry of ______
with susan musgrave a fellow
student & poet (& she has
appeared in a poem of mine
before—one in open road west)

was just asked to enter field
after corporate harvesters
glean a little & make comments
for deaf eyes & blind ears
sit at the table & negotiate
together like the coworkers
you are in defence of striking
’port workers & bosses stop
your bullying now & forever
else activists will be active
& show support at your door
where you don’t want them seen
—workers should be working
not on strike without a contract

staircase poem 32

irish night before summer
professional training opps
stretch & float to the floor
make like an earthquake
deliver progress as promised
four parts in four emails
before super away to antigonish
& an art exhibit opening
fabrique en canada
le hipster parti du canada
rusty trail of poems sticker
from dineen drive lamp standard
—rust-water stained paper
for journal & this poem—
an information-free mylar tag
& mike mesheau (1998) "years
i worked to have art moved from
the shore" (p. 23) says (2011)
"let your stick people go!" (n.p.)
—oui je cherchez l'étage et
fond forêt—two picaroons
for saturday lunch at closed
alden nowlan house bar
dunu & džo on the deck
sitting in sun with pints
before heading for charlotte
street & this typewriter
hi ho hi ho it's off
to poem writing i go!!!
poetry is a right
a write a rite
not a mortgage
or mortgageable
to borrow money against
& pay back with interest
from your poem returns

09 March 2012

staircase poem 31

someone took my chair
tough to sit to type
chairless or chair-free
borne-free & so not a lion

substanced liquid a chai
schwarzer in travel mug with
i support my bargaining team
still stretched around it

yesterday was international
women's day & i did not do
anything in celebration
wore a jean jacket outside

warm enough many do not
wear sweaters or coats
as major snowmelt happens
& i limp while walking

heavy rain in the night
jupiter venus & moon obscured
snow flurries before dawn
& they end before winds

enter the last bend
final weekend in this
trail of poems prolific
report approaches 200 pages

how many poems in a bushel?
how many apples: 84 to 168
depending upon their weight
how many wishes in a sheep?

08 March 2012

found photo du jour

Found at 5:15 pm, Friday, 8 March 2012 on the icy sidewalk outside the Chestnut complex, 440–470 York Street, Fredericton, NB.

07 March 2012

Irving Layton Centerary Reading: Fredericton

Irving Layton Centenary Poetry Reading

12 March 2012, Monday, 8 pm, an Irving Layton Centenary event in Fredericton. Centenary events are happening across Canada.

A Community Poetry Reading featuring Raymond Fraser, Joe Blades, Allison Calvern, and more at an Open Mic, will happen at Alden Nowlan House, 676 Windsor St, Fredericton, NB.

Everyone is welcome to read their favourite Irving Layton poem or poems for and about him and his writings.

For more information, please contact:
Allison Calvern acalvern @ nbnet.nb.ca
or Joe Blades joeblades @ nb.aibn.com

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 7 mars 2012

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Host: Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM, http://www.chsrfm.ca/ Fredericton, NB.

A World Poetry Movement & Ashes, Paper, & Beans Open Mic Reading, 29 February 2012 @ Alden Nowlan House, UNB Fredericton:
Joe Blades, emcee;
Nela Rio, Carlos Morales, Robert Shiplett, & Joe Blades, readers.

Fredericton author reading PSAs.

bill bissett: Opening Chant

Aural Heather: Princess Nut

Patrick Woodcock: White Boots

06 March 2012

staircase poem 30

imagine tim isaac with his
beard & a cello made
& fired in his studio—karen
bach & his raku pottery
on bay of fundy shore—
tim playing like a sweet fiend
blues on his raku cello
consider this poem a challenge

consider this poem a wake-up call
a rallying point in ongoing
mis/re/education of poet
& reader–coauthor alike
writing friends & observed people
into poems then hearing response
from them making more poems
by me & inspiring others to write

listen up folks: poems are wanted
not just at the periphery of your
vision illusive as rare birds
winter storms travel north
out of their element into yours
hopefully not plato's republic
poems live in our hearts minds
& whole bodies—all together

05 March 2012

staircase poem 29

no overnight parking

again we have snow flurries
& a mix of black ice wet
roads & unwalkable sides

some say this is white
lion at the in of march
but i feel 5th is too late

in like a lamb—cold
standing in the snow
that fell in february

perhaps march will exit
with a roar after promise
of paddy's day storm

dragons like lamb & sheep
hungry dragons not making
transcriptions of wool & wine

three dragons sent aloft
from fredericton o're atlantic
to das deutche drachenmuseum

lamb & rice olives & tomatoes
for dinner on turkish mountainside
& i've a turkey in the oven

no curry shoppe in currie centre
it's not right—just say no
no currie fee imposed on students

staircase poem 28

in the grocery store a
teenage girl holds a chunk
of ice in a clear plastic bag
to her left cheek while
with her right hand she
operates a video camera
all the while narrating
something about monday
of march break while directing
her father on their grocery
shopping expedition—the two
narratives weaving together
alongside the video
on hd magnetic tape inside
her palm-sized camera

why the ice i don't know
why the video i don't know
why both simultaneously
i again don't know
but i suspect her narratives
will tell these stories
will show them wherever
what she's doing goes

03 March 2012

staircase poem 26(b)

The better two-thirds: Richard Gloade, esq. & Jaun Morales (plus my food, Keith's pivo, & keys) during the Fredericton Business After Hours on 1 mars 2012.

01 March 2012

staircase poem 27

door prize draws are done
first one hardest to give away
first mayor then one of last
month’s winners drawn
& both decline the prize
—a profile in chamber
of commerce newsletter

one little girl in here
pulls her dad through
hallways & staircases
again & again walking
& watching everyone
she is very curious
& so great to see
in this sea of adults

this light is such
that i see fingerprints
in the sheen on keys
of the typewriter
probably residue
from the good food
handled & eaten

chamber members
put on winter
coats & depart
in slow dribbles
as a delta
employee wanders
on a quest
for drink glasses
scattered throughout
the building

staircase poem 26

treating well at this after hours
fine live music including a little
jimi cover & piano in the auditorium
a spread of bacon-wrapped scallops
smoked salmon cheese & crackers
barbeque chicken wings meatballs
& breaded shrimp with cocktail sauce
beer wine & spirits in auditorium
so another first for me
& these staircase poems
a beer on the table beside
typewriter & rich food
writing poems of the occasion
let’s celebrate socialising
people wander through the building
into artist studios & out
up staircases & down staircases
around & around for food
& drink & networking—if
that’s their wont—or
seeing friends & colleagues
from around fredericton
unb business students here
art from valley graphics
& many whose name tags
i haven’t been close to read
mayor woodside shook hands
& i’m trying to type
to slower reggae rhythm
bob marley’s no woman no cry
being performed live & intimate
on this small landing with art

staircase poem 25

a score & four poems
on the wall rearranged
to make room for more
writings in next two
weeks of this residency
whitefeather says she
needs opera glasses
to read the top row
of poems high
above the floor

work detail arriving
getting ready
delta doing cash bar
in auditorium plus
an artist—photographer
andrew kelly of
sameasforever studio
& there’s a table
of door prizes & richard
gloade esq wondering
about positioning
for himself & conga player

chamber staff with registration
materials & a fishbowl
to collect business cards
is set up in foyer downstairs
leader of nb ndp wears
liberal red tie—why?
time for a soundcheck
just before showtime
me on keys unexpected
third in musical trio
providing musical entertainment
for other fredericton businesspeople
gathering here with curiosity
many people’s first time
in charlotte street arts centre

staircase poem 24

this water buffalo or ox
with metal his element
has blades for a surname
& two taurus parents

three careers suggested
surgeon equals editor
general equals union president
hairdresser might stretch
to artist without
haircuts in a score
of years :)

remember a joke horoscope
saying virgos make
good bus drivers
—don’t want to go there

is believing in astrology
& fortunetelling of any sort
—palms bones tarot cards
turkish coffee grounds—
also a belief in fate
destiny predetermined

staircase poem 23

had wanted to be here
yesterday to write
leap forward! staircase
poem but i was too
flat out in prep
noontime general
meeting i chaired
was working on
union dime union time
staircase poems skipped
or leaped over leap year
day a missed opportunity
but after radio apb
ashes paper & beans
i emceed first ever
world poetry movement
in fredericton
a leap forward! event
in spanish german &
english in alden nowlan
house windsor castle bar

guess i was on union time
at noon today & noon tomorrow
too with organizing team
meeing in ugsw union office
& a picket planned for 4 pm
& more pickets 10 to noon
saturday & sunday at the 'port
entrances off the road in
between fredericton lincoln
& oromocto base gagetown
—union picket fence—
was there last friday
morn before dawn
was first on the scene
before any 60601 members
coals in the barrel fire
glowing from day before
joined by nurses fredericton
firefighters cupe education
saint john airport workers
& mark from halifax as anna

staircase poem 22

just in from standing together
for our public services
in front of service canada office
630 queen street fredericton
me holding one end
of a psac-afpc banner
dave shaw has in his truck
—many photos taken

thursday afternoon baby
bunheads lively downstairs
in pastel pink green & blues
there's busy all around charlotte
street arts centre—reception
prep—fredericton business after hours
(chamber of commerce peeps
in stairwells & auditoriums)

pilates named after a person
my new knowledge for today
& joseph calls it contrology
this stretching of simile
arm leg & side like a tree
in wind or a salmon leaping
up falls on the humber river
above corner brook newfoundland

littles too little for bunhead
class want to climb the dark
wood steps because they are
here & they know steps
& stairs lead somewhere
& on my stage i'm to be
joined by richard gloade esq
singing & playing guitar