29 September 2005

Writing & Publishing

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28 September 2005

October Art Trek

Fredericton & Area artists and craftspeople open their studios each Saturday & Sunday afternoon in October 2005 from 12-5 pm. Call 460-2129 for more information.

Mazerolle's Birk printsOctober 1-2
• Will Forrestall (paintings in egg tempera), 329 University Av, Fredericton, 454-6552
• Michael Khoury (artist), 542 Pederson Cres., Fredericton, 454-5864
• Cynthia Ryder (jewellery), and Liz Demerson (pottery), Hoyt House, Kings Landing, 363-3906
• Gordon Dunphy (woodturning), The Enchanted Forest, Hwy 107, Taymouth, 367-3291
• Richard Flynn (artist), 1941 Lakeview Rd., Cambridge Narrows, 488-2591
• Flo Greig (pottery), Village of Gagetown, 488-2074
• Art Gallery, 44 Front St., Village of Gagetown, 488-1101
• Maja Padrov Pottery, 3 Tilley Rd, Village of Gagetown, 488-9091

October 8-9
• Cynthia Ryder (jewellery) and Liz Demerson (pottery), Hoyt House, Kings Landing, 363-3906
• Gordon Dunphy (woodturning), The Enchanted Forest, Hwy 107, Taymouth, 367-3291
• Richard Flynn (artist), 1941 Lakeview Rd., Cambridge Narrows, 488-2591
• Flo Greig (pottery), Village of Gagetown, 488-2074
• Art Gallery, 44 Front St., Village of Gagetown, 488-1101
• Maja Padrov Pottery, 3 Tilley Rd, Village of Gagetown

October 15-16 (more to be confirmed. Call 460-2129 for more information.)
Joe Blades, poetry & paperworks, Fredericton
• Carol Collicut and Ann Manuel Willms, Gallery ConneXion, Fredericton
• Marilyn Mazzerolle (pop art), Sophie Theriault (silk painter) and
Pierrette Theriault (artist), Mazzerolle Gallery, 384 Queen St—2nd floor, Fredericton
• Mike McEwing, Stephanie Wethamueller, Silas Robinson, and Caine Harris. 384 Queen St —3rd floor, Fredericton
• Werner Arnold/Whimsical Wood Creations, 132 Waterloo Row, Fredericton
• Flo Greig (pottery), Gagetown
• Art Gallery 44 Front St, Village of Gagetown
• Richard Flynn (painter), Acacia Gallery, 1948 Lakeview Rd, Cambridge Narrows
• Maja Padrov (pottery), 3 Tilley Rd., Village of Gagetown

October 22-23 (artists to be confirmed. Call 460-2129 for more information.)

October 29-30 (more to be confirmed. Call 460-2129 for more information.)
• Fredericton Arts & Learning: Charlotte Street Art Centre, Chris Harding, Katie FitzRandolph, Guy Vezina, Laurie Winton, 732 Charlotte St., Fredericton
• Michael Khoury, artist, 542 Pederson Cres., Fredericton, 454-5864

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27 September 2005

I committed a chapbook

I committed a chapbook today. Nothing like a looming deadline to get one's act together. A performance. Thursday.

I'm to emcee a reading at the finally, after long-sufferin', open Charlotte Street Centre in Frederiction. In the former school eventually acquired by Fredericton Arts & Learning and renovated in large part with the engineers and crew out of CFB Gagetown. Building was originally designed by buddy who build the New Brunswick Legislature Building. In fact, the former school is a more modest brick echo of the Legislature. It's evident in the proportionally smaller features such as the entrance and windows. Anyway, I've not even been in the building since it's restoration, and I'm to emcee an event there:

3e édition, 2005 / 3rd edition, 2005

le jeudi 29 septembre 2005
Thursday, September 29, 2005

15h - 17h / 3-5 pm
Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Centre d’arts de la rue Charlotte
732, rue Charlotte Street, Fredericton

MC Joe Blades
Jo-Anne Elder
Robert Hawkes
Hugh Hazelton
Jonathan Kaplansky
Pauline Michel
Nela Rio
Tony Steele
Serge Patrice Thibodeau

cover of Is That You, Vincent?The chapbook committed is titled Is that you, Vincent?. It's a translation from the French of chapter one of Pauline Michel’s novel Les yeux d’eau. The translation of the full novel will be published in 2006 by Broken Jaw Press under the title Fragments of Memory. Both the author, who is Canada's current Poet Laureate, and the translator, Jonathan Kaplansky, will be here for the festival.

This afternoon I got covers and insides digitally printed. Tonight, I will staple and fold Is That You, Vincent?. That's one of my photos on the cover—a late December sunset over Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia. The chapbook is published by the [as if I have any] SpareTime Editions imprint of Broken Jaw Press.

I found out that I'm also to read in Moncton—Joe on the road (again)—in this festival:

le dimanche 2 octobre / Sunday, Oct. 2
13h - 15h / 1-3 pm
62, rue Curry Street
Moncton (NB)
Lectures multilingues et cercle de partage
Multilingual readings and Sharing Circle
Joe Blades
Rose Després
Robert Dickson
Jo-Anne Elder
Hugh Hazelton
Dyane Léger
Pauline Michel
Nela Rrio
Hélène Rrioux
Serge Patrice Thibodeau
Lola Lemire Tostevin
shirts: faded lavender T, brown workshirt (used to be Charlie, my late grandfather's shirt). fits tight on arms. don't even try to button the front closed.
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25 September 2005

Biked upriver

because it's not a tradeshow or anything close to full book fair show & sale for publishers to the general public that potentially includes all the readers any author or local, regional or micro publisher could ever dream of reaching . . .

because publisher "exhibitors" are restricted to attempting to sell only backlist, remaindered, dented and otherwise ready-to-rot damaged books . . .

because we're supposed to trust that the bookseller "exhibitors" will be carrying, displaying and actually selling, copies of our frontlist books including books written by our authors that the word on the street has given (with small honourariums) public stage readings . . .

because we know they don't, won't . . .

i'm not there. why torture myself? why pretend that this year i might actually sell enough old bookcrap in a 3/4 of a K for the day space with two 8-foot tables w/o sidewalls or signage space, to pay for the expense of getting myself and the bookcrap to halifax? it's never happened before that broken jaw has sold enough to cover the expense of being there (let alone the expenses of making the bookcrap sold). we had a better sales to expense ratio participating in the span-o ottawa small press book fairs (next one happening 15 oct 2005—but that's the weekend before i fly to beograd). we need book events/activities that will earn income not just be a source of expenses. we don't need to be the booksellers' loss-leader. paying to be there yet unable to promote our new books is not a good promotional strategy . . .

i stayed in fredericton. unintentionally had 24-hours without coffee (and only realized that mid morning today while chatting online. that's how out if it i was). second day after 14-days in the faa casemate residency. here is good.

decided to do the bike ride i wanted yesterday but didn't take because of the cross- or downriver-winds. roundabout, via stupidstore, i crossed saint john river and headed upriver for nashwaaksis and an eventual goal of mouth of keswick. some wind but not like yesterday. decided to take a break just past currie's mountain at the picnic table shelter beside a great eastern white pine tree likely twice as old as canada.

intrigued, i copied into my journal the following graffiti, from the fence and table, as close to style as my quick pen allowed:
DRC graffiti
Then I biked to the Mouth and turned around after the Shell station. On the way back I stopped in Douglas, stopped at the home of Wingnut Enterprises. Son Al was manning a trash fire in a 45-gallon barrel. Jane was mulching a bed of Mexican tomatinos. Don was glassblowing in the workshop; making parts for an upcoming exhibit at Handworks in Saint John. He said the 15 of the 19 pieces, all very large, at the Kingsbrae Arms gardens, have sold—most excellent. They have to go there, to St Andrews-by-the-Sea this coming weekend to dismantle and ship most of the pieces. Some will stay in the garden, some will scatter inland to Chicago and other places.

Earlier this month Don and Jane went on a trip to Nova Scotia. Time in the Annapolis Valley then up to Halifax. They even went and visited blacksmith John Little in East Dover. First time in 24-years that they've seen each other. Last time, Becky, the youngest, was two. Said John says he still makes bulk of his income from making local fishermen's anchors; that he's planning, artistically, to move from making the large sculptural pieces he has a reputation for [usually worked with a trip-hammer] to making smaller pieces.

Don's drift is exactly opposite. He wants to move toward making more large pieces. He has two trip-hammers in the workshop: one a Canadian Giant that's still not been set to use in the time since they (the family) came back to New Brunswick after 18-years away.

They'd lived and worked in Muskoka country, Ontario; Palm Springs, CA; Connecticut; etc. but post-9/11 America was too scary, too demanding for a non-American contractor. Especially when being questioned about one of the alleged, not publicly-admitted-proved, on one-of-the-planes possibly working, being employed on the same construction project/job in the land of . . . Plus their son was coming-of-age in a an increasingly agressive nation that was talking of bringing back the army draft. How can one work or live with that? With that threat? With the implications? No, it was clear that it was time to leave the "dream" and return to Canada. Return near where Opus Village had been but not to the Ridge. Nearby.

Ken, the neighbourhood mechanic drops by with his young daughter. Don is the neighbourhood welder. A good pairing. They work together on jobs, when necessary. Ken is driving a new-used Je p [don't know if that's French or a knock-off or just a (suspected) missing letter—good joke all around].

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24 September 2005

because it's over

my two-week stint as an artist-in-residence in the fredericton arts alliance casemate is over. now i can revert to the regular mess of admin paperwork, submissions, design, prooreading, housecleaning, artmaking, writing, blogging, biking, book reading, dreaming, grant writing, email purging, prepping muself to go/be in serbia in three and a half weeks and all the other crazy busy stuff in my life

big decision for me was to not go to halifax today for tomorrow's episode of the word on the street at pier 21 even though two broken jaw authors are reading there. means i don't get to see/visit my grandmother, which is frustrating, but a trip today, immediately after two-weeks in the art hole, would have been crazy exhausting! going there would have meant also being expected to attend atlantic publishers' marketing association stuff on the weekend and monday then hightailing it back to fredchicken for the start of side by side festival côte a côte starting on thursday with a reading i'm to emcee. then i'm to read for the festival in moncton on sunday afternoon (and back to fredchicken)

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23 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 52

because coffee is doing something yellow
on the whodunit? artworks—spill magic

because with super-8 projector on back
chris is to bike uphill to unb arts centre

because humidity has me stuck to myself
because i forgot my sunglasses at home

because it was raining but i need them now
because tommy's flooring had an empty tube

—cushion floor—that (reprise) will roll upon
because there's been a change of plans

because maria has come here with her coffee—
out of the gallery office to see movie-so-far

because the finish line is in sight
because i'm sitting listening to heavy meadows

because humidity is curling book covers
because this has been a good collaboration

because residency paycheck coming soon
because there's an airplane overhead unseen

because this it boys and girls—the end
because i'm all out of words—tank dry


casemate poems (reprise) 51

because i'm docu-actor in available light time
because i see sunlight & shadows outside

because i'm hearing my bicycle call me
because camera rolls and the music's stopped

but i keep writing typing my way through
because i've an itchy eyebrow i can't scratch

because i want food coffee anything warm
because my feet must leave this cement floor

because i am a wooden keg of damp gunpowder
because i am musketballs and rusty cannon

because i sliding sideways off the metal stool
graciously loaned by brigid toole-grant to use

all artist-in-residency season with a clay bucket
because it's all loaner in here from someone

because i'm almost done another art piece
because it's almost time to smear grass and dirt

because i committed a false ending but caught it
because this is it—crack my fingers and toes


casemate poems (reprise) 50

because it's the first day of autumn
because squirrels are our only audience

because their mouths are filled with nuts
because claire has been sewing silk balls

because amber has a white feather artichoke
because a caution wet foor sign is out

because a pinch of idiocy is too much
because a coda might be in order for this

because i'm watched by woman with black dog
because grass stains and clay add flavour

not just colour and texture to the poem
because i just killed an autumn mosquito

—winged insect not plywood allied bomber
because big wind will lift and blow this artist

out of his temporary pothole across town
because today is struggling toward hign noon

because the waiting is all about leaving—
student going home for weekend with supplies

because peter pacey is giving a walking tour
because this is shoulder season for my heart


casemate poems (reprise) 49

because threatening is not a form of frienship
because security nightlights might cause acne

because this might be the last residency
that i can handle doing in this small town

because i am not willing to be a boytoy playtoy
because skull without jawbone is speed metal

because i've no desire to become a headcase
because this is at least a 2-d sculpture

because ocad wants mystery art sale donations
because they sent 14 cm x 19cm acid-free cards

because whodunit? is only bard part of the mystery
because whogotit is what we artists don't know

because this is the fourth-last poem
because i can ask "please return any of my work

that is unsold" or let them keep for another year
because rainclouds make for good film screening

because i'm going to write then blog then retype
because something else will happen afterwards

because it's dank dark in this oubliette
because "illusionment" was the wrong first word


22 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 48

because less broken jaw might be good
because i can't be bought with books

because our residency is known beyond here
on the marsh and in the nation's capitol

because we've been on tv and in the papers
because i had to move the film projector inside

because i didn't do painting at nscad
because it's quarter after four again

because chris has gone on an equipment run
to nb filmmakers' co-op on charlotte street

because saturday is the final day for most
casemate occupants—their tourist season done

because marilyn mazerolle will arrive tomorrow
before 5 pm to install her paintings and herself

because she works the farmers' market saturday
because another spider hangs from brick ceiling

because there's word mangling afoot
because i may be selling space stations

because that's better than recovering space junk
because i'm not playing like/dislike games


casemate poems (reprise) 47

because don pell honked his van horn at me
because fritz bender created the mosquito

no-see'em bomber while interned in ripples
because program is subject to change

because i am not a certified poet
because winter is a harsh companion

because claire viewed slides in the case
while i ran fast for a free reward coffee

because john remarked repeatedly on pretty women
because i'm not writing about things like that

because timothy's coffee is leaving reid's
because they will replace with other coffee

because the elm is stumped at 3:20 pm
because liz awaits a busload of littles

because there's garlic bread on the wind
because we don't know where it's coming from

because there is art in the real world
because crosby made an assist last night

because i need to reduce authors' dependence
on my efforts and my codependence on theirs


casemate poems (reprise) 46

because my life would earn them revenue
because it wouldn't likely enrich my life

because i may purchase a diploma of expertise
commemorative and/or reserve discounted copies

of international directory of experts and expertise
because i have not used a certain credit line in a year

they will assume i no longer want and will cancel
because online i just became idle

because i want/need coffee and inspiration
because i've a first load ready on the handcart

because i'll be so relieved to get back support
because i don't want to be up on the gossip

because spiderweb is a compound word
because i've held off over half a poem

before blogging the last one written
because i've taken to sneezing repeatedly

because pigeons fly up
because even xxx has multiple meanings

because camp b-70 was invisible for decades
because silas has gone to paint in his studio


casemate poems (reprise) 45

because an alien screams munch from my lapdog
because mustard-bruise colour rings my eyes

because our showers are no hurricane rita
because nature is tougher than family atomics

because no one should play with uranium
because stone walls are chilling the air

because claire makes like a pigeon for french fries
because ____ dissapears into the darkroom again

because i'm left alone in cold space
because burning fingers will not warm me

because the fleece wore was plastic bottles
because the rectangle needs eight more poems

because i sold a handled book bag book
because i eat yellow wax beans and grapes

because there's a crow feather in the geranium
because chris is working on his ripples film

because he has some footage now but needs
more to construct a 300-foot (21-minute) loop

because credit card and énergie nb bills came
because the american biographical institute wants


casemate poems (reprise) 44

because tomorrow or friday is the return of amber
—another artists in their studios photoshoot

because ancient motel landscape is in monkeyton
today it will be delivered to broken jaw tomorrow

because the crouching cat has a bird in its mouth
because i've been worrying this poem into nothing

because today is the last day of summer 2005
because an elm tree in front of the nb sports

hall of fame is being mercy killed this morning
by the city of fredericton's crew of slow men

because today is one of cancer's most favourable
september days—important new project coming

time to strengthen their roots and homebase
and a party or fateful pizza delivery could spell

because a stack of postcards from ex-lovers
awaits pick-up by the author's current longterm

because there's a chili and/or pasta party
moving from first-raindrops-picnic-table

to balcony-covered barracks building boardwalk
because several dark suits are hovering about


21 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 43

because there's almost two hours left today
and i can't do here some of the things i must

because there's a used diaper in wilmot alley
because dolan's has cut 3000 sq feet of pool

because i broke and bought afternoon coffee
because it's hump dayand i'm coming 'round

the bend into the homestretch for a friday finish
because i'm not (yet) a homeless person or street poet

because i'm not loitering—i am art intended
because there are no streets or buildings named

after me but there are actions and expressions
—an expanding universe of new words and poems

because writing grant applications in public
is a scarier performance than writing poetry—

more out there—formalized begging with intent
to stay make not go away (not for junk or aqua velva)

because trucks are already chewing up new sod
because in order to progress you need commitment

self-discipline and an endless heap of respect
because constant growth is a philosophy of cancer


casemate poems (reprise) 42

because this poem might hold the question
because the new brunswick choral federation used

to have their office in the barracks building
because everyone can carve with a dremmel

because my portrait in the attic tells another story
because danube river and beograd are on my horizon

because the form of one application might be done
because there's two or three more to write

because they make me feel neurotioc or paranoid
—too much justified navel gazing introspection

because the boy may slide another poem through
because liz preps her kitchen to make pottery

with a couple because lee's pot occupies the studio
because kel preps for mighty moncton business meeting

because i want to be light years away from fred
because i continue moving from serbia to altaltac

because jarman needs a new bicycle chain
because i don't have the right software

because there's 20 wars happening right now
because i moved everything and left nothing


casemate poems (reprise) 41

because chris will open the casemate tomorrow
because i will arrive and perform later

because baboon was a word found in the road
because i'm number crunching for grant applications

i'm not performing poet well this afternoon
because the whole casemate became projection

because somehow i still clean up well
becacuse i was at the mayor' business breakfast

because chris harding replace caine harris
as exhibiting artist du jour in council chamber

because donnalee—author of the 1980 "an incredible
journey" article for cross-canada writers' quarterly

was there with a halifax global crew that my sister
ruth is working with on projects in her new capacity

because this might be the only poem i write today
because that crowd will tell you "keep away . . ."

because george strunz recorded the first local show
because jd fortune from new glasgow nova scotia is

new rock star lead singer for the band inxs
because a bass guitar player has moved upstairs


20 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 40

because ruth found me in a paparazzi photo
from the little feat (don't fail me now) show

because chris has edited his movie footage
of me typing with footage of festival crew

cutting turf for water runoff from the tent
out front—great labour action film footage

because once i described room-sized tape loops
in quarter-inch audio recording editing splicing

done at nscad chris' head filled with visions
of film loops—16mm and super-8—and multiple

projectors sequentialyy screening different parts
of the same film in a projection installation

because there's a 60% chance of thundershowers
because chris has gone to get or buy a snack

because i'll not be closing the case today
because i'll be leaving about 3 pm or so

because i've not been able to write grant applic
and i need to write successful applications

because i need to work on book & chapbook edits
and need to publish (print & bind) next week


casemate poems (reprise) 39

because the good fathers didn't want soldiers
meeting or taking advantage of their good daughters

because it's all such an empty crock—honeypot
or rationed grog—all men and women are animals

because the soldiers got so bloody cold in winter
they attacked the fence for its wood—anything

burnable to try and warm themselves—building
above burnt and rebuilt several times

because a pink paper arrow was on black cast iron
fence outside the compound this morning pointing

at nothing in particular obvious significant
or even mildly curious but itself being there

because sometimes that can be quite enough
because i slept last night: six and a half

hours unbroken plus more before starting today
because eight-hour sleep nights seem unrealistic

because some days the dragon wins
because i cannot be author reading audience

the same time late friafternoon that i get
paid for being in residence and do load out


casemate poems (reprise) 38

because i want the computer to take no action
because this is so not my space

because shovel scraping on brick is grating
because the not opened milk in my fridge

had a best before date of 07 aug—long passed
because anyway it's observed this space is not

a casemate or casement—so many confused
because a casement is a vertically hinged metal

or wood frame with glass forming part of a window
bacause a casemate is a chamber in a thickness

of wall [that part is congruent] of a fortress
[not] with embrasures—bevelled walls at sides

of door or opening—splaying—opening in parapet
widening within for gun/cannon arc of fire [not]

because this was simply the munitions storeroom—
i've stated this before (have been in several

forts fortresses castles walled towns)—repository
for cannon and musket balls barrels of gunpowder

because this british army compound was walled
with wood plank to keep soldiers out of the town


Wall o' Casemate Poems

Artist-poet Joe Blades portrait, 18 September 2005, with his "casemate poems (reprise)" wall piece installation, Fredericton Arts Alliance casemate, Soldiers' Barracks Building, Tourism Fredericton's Historic Garrison District, Queen Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Photo by Amber Friedman © 2005, and reprinted/posted here by permission.

shirt: beet red prairie-T
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 15 C
sound: Kashtin, Akua tuta

casemate poems (reprise) 37

because i've done 10 days in the hole
because i've four more to go—endure

because i'm so battered i want silence
because that would mean no more manual typewriter

because i feel drained bood-let leached (yes
they're back in physicians' medical treatments)

because toggled denim jacket feels almost strait
because lawn surgeons have arrived to cut and sod

because perfect alignment between walkway and ramp
is more than aesthetically pleasing—it orientates

because it's tuesday time for ashes paper & beans
because i need vegetables not more cracked eggs

because chris won't be here until 1 pm
because eyes blurr looking at idle keys

because i hope it's early onset something
because anything might be a good enough excuse

becuse jewellery studio warehouse door is open
because mister inukshuk carver just ran by

because the disc was successfully recorded at 16x!
because this is today's first line 20


To be 18, writing poetry

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your query letter. I know what it's like to be 18, writing poetry, and not knowing what to do with it. I was there myself.

I don't know where in Canada you live so I can't suggest any specific local resources except to say that there are provincial writers groups with newsletters, workshops, resource/reference materials, information/guidines on how and where to submit work for publication, and much more. They are open to everyone.

In addition, many universities & colleges, even public school board continuing education programs, have a creative writing course or two. Your local library might know of a local writers peer workshop group. If you are still in high school, your school might be able to access a provincial writers-in-the-schools program.

The Canadian Poetry Association promote a Do-it-yourself (DIY) ethic with its "Participoet!" slogan to encourage the writing, reading, promotion and publishing of poetry through the creation of local chapters creating their own activities. The more professional League of Canada Poets, which does has student and associate memberships available, has developed extensive website resources at two websites: www.youngpoets.ca and www.poets.ca

This small publishing firm does not have staff. Therefore, beyond letters, we don't really have the staff time or resources to invest in exploring how you might go about getting your poetry published. We do, however, wish you all the best for you and your poetry.

Most sincerely,

Joe Blades

On 19 Sep 05, at 0:41, Sarah wrote:


I am 18 years old and I have been interested in getting my poetry published. I've been writing poetry from an early age and would love to one day publish a collection of my poems because I believe that every teenage poet will be able to understand and relate to it. I would love to seperate a book into chapters and title it: _____________. If anyone at your company could look at my work or suggest how to go about getting my poetry published I would be honoured. Thanks for your time!


shirt: beet red prairie-T
loc: BJP editor's desk
temp: 8 C
sound: Fiftymen, After Darkfall

Mayor's Business Breakfast


I will try to be there. It would be better than nice if your Mayor's Business Breakfast letters and media releases also mentioned the musician performing (presuming there still are musicians performing at these events) and the Fredericton Arts Alliance arranged component (artist/painter Caine Harris on 21 Sept, I believe). This would give fair coverage to the musician and arts contibution and role in the Mayor's Business Breakfast and might help attact people such as myself (all about the arts) to your event.


Joe Blades
Broken Jaw Press

Good Morning, Everyone!

In addition to this reminder, I am pleased to inform you that we have two (2) door prizes for next week's Mayor's Business Breakfast:
* Two tickets to any place Delta flies in the United States, Mexico and Caribbean (valid 'til year end) compliments of Delta Airlines.
* Two tickets to ABTC's Amadeus on September 30th compliments of The Playhouse.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday!

Laurie Guthrie Hayes
Promotions Officer - Team Fredericton

Mayor's Business Breakfast
WEDNESDAY, September 21st, 2005
7:30-8:30 a.m., Council Chamber, City Hall

Keynote Address:
David Innes
President & CEO of the Fredericton Airport

"Fredericton's place in the North American Airline Industry"

Attend this breakfast to hear David speak about the state of the airline industry in general, and the changes it is undergoing. In terms of the Fredericton Airport, he will talk about what has been accomplished to date; what remains to be done; and his vision for the future.

The Mayor's Business Breakfast is an initiative designed to foster stronger relations between various levels of government, the universities and the business community. It's a prime opportunity to:
. . . Network with community business leaders and government officials.
. . . Gain exposure to Fredericton's arts and cultural community by enjoying the talent of local artists.
. . . Acquire knowledge about major issues and events affecting the community with the keynote address.
. . . Learn about upcoming events.

(*by Friday, Sept. 16th)
For more information, contact Team Fredericton at: 460-2960
(*There is no charge to attend)

Number of Attendees:

Presented by:
City of Fredericton
Team Fredericton
Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
Enterprise Fredericton

shirt: beet red prairie-T
loc: BJP command centre
temp: 8 C
Sound: Mr. Something Something, "The Prize"

19 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 36

because i need to make a green building dash
because rob asks "will all the casemate poems

be published together in one book?" what can i say?
because i'm no longer fit for public consumption

because i need to get on my too idle bicycle
peddle furiously out of town and return calm

because an hour of hard bike in gear 20 slows
because i'm typing with helmet and gloves on

because i don't know you and don't want
because you never said hi or any greeting

because you said loudly "please move your things
so i can lock up" without even stepping inside

because that table and chair are not my things
because if you're irritated don't dump on me

because tomorrow nothing will be there—nothing
in front of or near red door and your iron gate

because i know your routine and want nothing
because we're supposed to be sharing this space

this tourism culture and sport occupied building
because i must cut out 10 minutes early


casemate poems (reprise) 35

because there's a live earwig in this poem
inside the typewriter and its body must hurt

from the pounding keys'sound inside the metal
enclosure that contains my canadian alphabet

because i found a short drumstick in the grass
because it's daniel's prepared guitar cd

that i want to find for chris to give a listen
because i wonder about food and its functions

because again i'm getting too quiet too lone
too in myself in this too empty

because i see a hand holding something stirring
something in containers inside a window

second floor craft college—might be stovetop
textile dyeing—wool rovings silk or something

because twice today I forgot the steno memory
because harvest jazz & blues covers my journal

because i need to end my public studio day
because qwerty works be to the bone—finger

tips tender buttons from the effort to impress
because great big sea sings "run run away"


Appearing on First Local

Rogers TV logoThe interview's raw footage is shot. Shawn DeLong, Producer, says that if the edit happens fast enough it may even be on tomorrow's edition [20 sept 2005] of First Local. That this now twice "weekly news magazine . . . delivers an in-depth look at the events, issues, and people shaping the capital region." Show episodes get heavy rotation.

Guess that I should find and ask someone to record a VHS copy for me to see: me without cable; without Rogers anything (not cable, not magazine prescriptions, without cell or hi-speed . . .); me with only ATV/CTV and Global received by rabbit ears antennae; with only the thinnest hint of dancing coloured worms on screen where either CBC channel should be (but I live on the downtown flat/plat in the shadow of the hill that CBC broadcasts from and beyond).

Shawn says the piece will likely start with me: answering questions, typing, and reading some or all of "casemate poem (reprise) 3." Chris asked to working his guitar, hand-powered super-8 editor, 16mm projector for sound and action.

First Local program logoFirst Local—Fredericton
airs Tuesday—5:00 PM, 6 PM
Friday—5:00 PM, 6 PM

(possibly more times . . .)

T-shirt: plain black (BOCA, second)
loc: FAA Casement
temp: 18, sunny w/ some cloud
sound: Heavy Meadows, self-titled, 2002.

casemate poems (reprise) 34

because they start the interview with maria bour
outside—barracks building casements in background

because chris plugs in guitar and plays near-whale
blues to second start super-8 film processing day

because i was bumped off my worktable for chris
interview angle and post blog cordless wireless

from that same green rocking chair outside in sun
because i have to write faster than i think or see

the keys while writing for the camera for show:
local arts or act local or loco or something that

i can't remember but have written down in journal
because this is almost done (one more shot)

because it's a long shot of typing me from outside
first local camera approaching the casement

because i'm outta here for that coffee food
because mad marilyn just came into our space

and i didn't say a thing to her—no words
audible—just silent prayer in my grinning head

because i remembered that i forgotten my bowl
of oatmeal pumpkin sunflower seeds blueberries


casemate poems (reprise) 33

because chris giles has left the casemate
because most of the people who remember manuals

seem to remember typewriters from the '30s
their parents' or grandparents' underwood

because it's another short day in space: three poems
and this continuation likely—not pushing

because i'd be willin' keep moving
because i'm eating seedless red grapes

because the trills have gone nicht zum verzehr
do not eat "throw away" ne pas avaler

because performing-on-a-red-metal-stool neck is stiff
because it's pre-opening hours monday morning

because i'm awaiting the cable guy (not that
cable guy but interviewer shawn) with his questions

because i so want need coffee and hot food
because i'm serious finger jumbled this morning

ref for red; sloot for stool; next for neck—all one line
because the sun and tourism smiles are back—rested

because maria arrive here in for-television turquoise
dress and chris arrives 10 am with framed photograph


18 September 2005

The thrills are gone

Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival 2005 logo
Fredericton band Hot Toddy, by Cambridge Narrows artist Richard Flynn, on this year's poster. Joel LeBlanc of Hot Toddy says they will have a new CD available this coming week or next.

Sunday afternoon. The 2005 festival is over. Completely over, I think, unless there's still musicians performing in the final concert rain-located from Officer's Square stage to inside the Mojo Tent also in Off Square. Heard music earlier but now I've Little Feat playing.

For the first time in days a city walking tourguide in redcoat costume has entered Barracks Square with a train of tourists trailing behind him. SSI have removed their lights and sound system. The Commercial Tent crew has left and taken their tents, chairs and staging. All the toilets and hand-wash stations have been removed. Freelance redemption gleaners have come and gone with quite the haul from the temp bar garbage cans.

I've made a collection of band set lists, tickets, a volunteer pass, the NB Public Safety Notice of Occupancy and more . . . all loosely collaged behind the pipes on the casemate wall beside my table.

A buddy specializing in sign collection is in the square now. Kevin, still being big man, briefly helps to coil extension cords and quartz halogen floodlights before running off. Some Ridge Con crew, including Kirk, come to haul snowfence and rebar posts, garbage cans and bags, Dept of Supply & Services crown control fencing, to handpick garbage and the miscellaneous things scattered . . . They're still there when I lock up the casemate and leave.

Johamus and Alec resume soapstone carving and polishing (usually done with either black or white shoe polish, or with paste floor wax). Tomorrow, the site will be empty. NBCCD students & teachers will reclaim the regular red-stained picnic tables and benches. The rain-soaked, trampled, destroyed grass will try to recover.

Know I'll be asleep before tomorrow. I may even be asleep before dark . . .

shirt: Chereskin knit long-sleeve
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 16 C
sound: Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus

casemate poems (reprise) 32

because the ready-vac made toilets for all
occasions are leaving this scene of the times

because "rock-a-hula baby" drowns out the wreckers
because this scene is so far from tourist-friendly

because i might be making a poem blanket or quilt
wall of paper sheets pinned and stapled together

because (again) i'm subject not observer-performer
artist's subject—not model—before amber's camera

because she has to show images in class tuesday
because she's shooting chris with film projections

on his face: "the eagle has landed" on the moon
then neil armstrong made his "one small step

for man one giant leap for mankind" performance
scientist in the most famous moment of his life

because i too have been captured by the earth
because it was declared dangerous and unlawful

to have more than 553 standing people for entire
floor area barracks poem 3 carleton st (armouries)

because my technical rider states all backline
gear suppied by artist—positions to be negotiated


casemate poems (reprise) 31

because i'm taking it a poem at a time
because it's all teardown in barracks square

big rain drops one more encore want more . . .?
because sunday free concert is in the mojo

because visitors were in my space before
doors were open easel or spool table outside

because i'm in a green rocking chair sipping coffee
because i found a hot pink beer token at the tap

because whitefeather thought it a gold ink logo
condom—a harvest play safe in clear wrapper

because someone's playlist is on a guitar boomers box
because gatorgrit 1500-b waterproof sandpaper is

because i'm finding soapstone widow and orphan
scraps from johanus' carvings to let people know

i am here
inukshuks scattered in gravel and grass
under young oak trees—can make my own marker

stone word atop stone word—poem person standing
on headland heartland homeland—orange & black fragile

because junior brown helps me drive this sunday
while so many others teardown i thrum my digits


casemate poems (reprise) 30

because i was spotted typing by mark jarman
evention tent roving security drawn by sound

words being birthed on clean paper—black marks
on my record in my secret file—and i'm going back

because futureman has arrived on the stage checked
because it's time to get wet really wet and have fun

because the tents are generating fog tonight
there's smoke machines or it's too cold air on yellow

because it time to move on: no beer left
yet the deconstruction project continues live

but will he ever really know where is fredericton?
futureman area 51 + the street maestro signing off

because it's tomorrow again in one of these poems
yet we are still working to finish yesterday

because i'm working in the casemate about to slip
because i left early this morning and am back

before noon and i've got the morning after blues
am not a working at the woolco manager trainee

because i closed the tap with the time beings
because i'm causing the pounding in my head


17 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 29

because i write so much more live interactive
than solo in my studio artist garret hovel cave

because vendors can people this tent's guest list
because today is another of sophie's birthdays

because i've been asked if i'd make haggis for 20
for a celtic café fundraiser: do i get comped?

because this is sarah's last day at the taproom
because 9•1•1 sent emergency response truck

and ambulance to barracks square—young man down
stroke or something—on the grass stretchered

and wheeled away to hospital with the blues inside
because i caught minglewood for "east coast blues"

because this is the seventh casemate poem today
because dry-town dry-side of tent is wrong side

for my art—must travel thru wet to the bar
because I'm wearing a sugarloaf fleece vest

because matt on gate security borrowed my umbrella
these past 20 minutes of ongoing big drop rain

because his dancing was entertainment backstage
because excellent big alice ain't no dallas alice


Little Feat in Fredericton

Two camera-held-at-arms-length-over-my-head pics of Little Feat taken with my point 'n' shoot camera. Their first trip ever to this city: 16 Sept 2005. I'm liking the photos, especially the top picture.

shirts: "(That which does not . . .")+ black long sleeve
temp: 14
loc: home office
sound: Mr. Something Something [self-titled]

Performance pottery

Lee spinning a potThe most incredible demonstration at the labour day weekend 2005 nb crafts festival was Lee orus Clark, performance potter. This is a photo of him adding clay to the top of the pot while slowing spinning it. He used four 20-kilo pugs of clay over two days of performance wheel-building, spinning, with his 100 per cent manual foot-kick wheel to make this giant amphora-like vessel.

Amber about to sniff-test one of Lee's vessels
Amber, the festival coordinator, sniff-tested all of Lee's jugs, cups, jars, vases and vessels to determine which one, by smell, that she liked the best before considering a buy.

Lee's pot at day's endEnd of Sunday the pot, on its plywood base, was loaded into the back of Lee's pickup truck and, with Joel Hooper in the box sitting & holding onto the pot for the slow, careful drive to Liz's. It was offloaded into her studio-in-progress with the dead freezer, potter's wheel, and (so far) one of two electric kilns [that I'll likely end up wiring]. Lee has yet to come back for it, for the drive up the Trans-Canada Hightway with it, and for the long outdoor wood-firing it will need.

shirts: "Quod nos non necat . . ."
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 14 C
sound: Futureman soundcheck

casemate poems (reprise) 28

because this is a heavy load i'm building
because buddy guy's signature guitar is

displayed in the window of tony's music
because this is the heaviest rain imaginable

because it's dropped to a cool 14 c and 94
per cent humidity—"light rain" says weather

network—do we want to see their "heavy"?
because chris was shooting super-8 of me

writing on the manual with kids hovering close
and he's to develop and edit the film this week

because a lad with the local rogers cable station
wants to interview chris and me monday morning

for his television show—how could we say no?
because this case of art is not like any other

because natasha wrote "fun fun fun!" in guest book
because "if this rain keeps on falling . . ."

because i wanna play 88 black & white ivorys
with these rockin' blues—trillin' the keys

because i heard a "giv'er" yell from the tantramar
and feel tweeter horns spin from hammond b3 organ


casemate poems (reprise) 27

because heavy rains threaten the show
—too much water backstage in the electrical

because the fest crew was freakish looking
for a shovel—ditches to dig as they didn't plan

didn't know that ophelia and other rain was coming
because they were almost shorting out—but shovel

was found—better than plywood scraps
a city hall this way sign pushing water

because i'm so wired by the rush of people
jam-packed case of arty dults and littles

who took over the last poem while i was typing
poem 25 into brokenjow.blogspot.com for the world

because i have to keep writing in heavy rain
keep making poetry or story in verse lines

or whatever it is that this performance produces
but i'm speed writing-typing like never before

because this is the wild good thing even if i miss
redeye mojo we've got glamour puss coming soon

because it's all i can do to write myself out
poem after poem—staple them to the wall


casemate poems (reprise) 26

because i've black forest chocolate strudle
from the market with thanks from mary ann

because a a i am not joe
because there is no way for you to know

ophelia not so bad as a katrina
never met a katrina i liked

because she stole my chips in grade one
because we might finish this poem . . . because it's so fun!

because friend can mean a lot of different things
it's a new thing

hellow kitty says boo but who is scared?
terain makes the kitty restless must leave

glamour puss will play the kitty is gone
boo ghost girl

we scary monkey face nb guys—
because india just got out of control

because we are back to takeover
joe says we have 2 more lines

because this jazz festival rocks my mind
if i must end in time this must be the last line


casemate poems (reprise) 25

because the house is rockin' and harvest doesn't
know why or who we are or what we are doing here

because doug does a little balloon percussion
rounding out the sound the song so jammed free

because it's just too beautiful for words—ready
johns without nightlights get freshened for day

because earlier i biked a film to stuporstore
just now ran to farmers' market and back for java

and schnitzel—too long a samosa delight queue
because jazz 'n' blues is a different diet

than bread 'n molasses portaged river to river
because ophelia's phat tears are warming

because a holocaust survivor lives in fredericton
because smoke in the mirror is at unb art centre

because yellow-jacketed security is baffled
doing their rounds gate to gate & stagedoor

because i hear my little feat pics a comin'
because tropical rain is right rain for blues

because somewhere somehow whitefeather lost
her wallet last night—she believes lifted


casemate poems (reprise) 24

because i'm the eveready poet typing-writing
because clair is awake and has arrived

because yesterday she and will forrestall
and corey brown all played "audible artists"

because it's early morning gear load out—load in
because i'm so not a little red rooster

because this coming week's case of art includes
super-8 movie editing & shooting and 16mm film

screening and bowed electric guitar with amp
discard films from ns dept of education: turn

of the century
magic invention documentation
because chris found a sponsor pass ensnarled

springs of silver purple red mardi gras beads
because stone walls make blues guitar surround

because we're a live duo on typewriter & guitar
—yeah man i can play an instrument or two

not proper but what's proper? what's im-?
because it doesn't matter anyway—we play

because this is our case far longer than it's
harvest j&b festival backstage and we are so on


casemate poems (reprise) 23

because the woman who read my wall of csemate poems
has returned to read my reprise in the same wall

because she's taking an afterimage / naknadna slika
because no i'm not a festival volunteer—i'm media

because check check one two check one check two
because tonight i wander streets busy or barricaded

wander from stage to tent to market to tent to square tent
out and around again—samba rumba mambo slow blues

because it's friday night in a hooped-up small city
because nathan is community working the evention tent

because cake's "i will survive" is a wicked cover
and it's a between bands song playing on the system

because i've got to keep rollin' through the night
because today is another week and "oh canada"

by sea cadet marching band starts the case
because they're practicing for something—big drums

back behind craft college in the armoury parking lot
because ted has hit the road into the swirling

arms of ophelia—both crossing nova scotia's spine
—an evening date to walk/watch prospect storm surge


16 September 2005

Rockin' David Wilcox

kellie, this one's for you.

David Wilcox in Fredericton, 16 Sept 2005I first saw David Wilcox live in Toronto, in the Nag's Head North. Same bar where I first saw The Minglewood Band and Danny Middlebrook & the Wasters. Matt Minglewood is playing tonight in the Mojo Tent in Off Square. Wilcox is here in the 1 York St Bud tent.

I was underage in Toronto in 1979, studying electronics at DeVry, sharing an groundfloor apartment near the corner of Eglinton & Keele with "Alberta" (a.k.a. Dave)—another student at the school.

Wilcox's power trio permanently burned themselves into my mind & body with songs like "Bad Apple" and "Bump Up Ahead." He still as wild tonight. Bald, a bit of a paunch, that that guitar, that insanely plastic expressive face. Stunning. Starts with "Riverboat Fantasy"

Life for me is a riverboat fantasy
Watchin' the sun go down
A rock and roll band
With a reefer in my hand
Now look at that wheel go around
Cocaine kisses and moonshine misses
That's the life for me
I'm sailing away from my heartache
On a riverboat fantasy

. . . and just keeps going and going . . .

[photo here tomorrow]

shirt: chsr
loc: bud life tent
sound: David Wilcox live, "Cheap Beer Joint"

slow wander

tonight i am quiet and wandering. i heard some of danielys hernandez @ the tannery stage [where i talked w/ al & leslie & heather briefly], the very interesting and kid-friendly luluk purwanto & the helsdinger trio in the funked artist-built tulip bus on king street [and talked with jim blewett—soon to travel to new zealand (original home of his woman), whitefeather, chris giles, tim issacs, mark adams, liz and the littles, mary anne and others—great dancing kids. dropped into rye's to give tab a wanted and much appreciated update on nat's whereabouts—evention tent volunteer [17 species of penguins, only seven live in antarctica, only two live there yearound]. i hear cesar morales y sabor latino in the market on a better stage with better sound that when i usually catch them at noche latina nights in wilmot united church gymnasium [but there's an unpleasant sour-mop smell]. minimum wage outside carleton place covering pink floyd from the wall. ted is in the hoodoo tent lovin' dawn tyler watson & paul deslauriers on acoustic blues guitar and strong vocals (but a very listenable show, not drowning/deafening sound)—while i was there she did some excellent vocal trombone. ruth & mike are in the mojo tent for the minglewood fiesta—jeff healey, sam moon, john campbelljohn, garrett mason, michael picket. j.p. leblanc plays a good solid electric rock blues. am pretty certain that i want to drop into the bug life tent for some david wilcox. haven't recorded anything yet this evening. part of me doesn't want to. part of me knows that i should . . .

shirt: chsr
loc: faa casemate [backstage, dry side]
temp: 19 c
sound: j.p. leblanc live on evention tent stage, first time performing "you can't always get what you want" since seeing the rolling stones perform on 3 septembre in moncton.

casemate poems (reprise) 22

because this poem is over the hump and sailin'
because it's time for end-of-the-week runaround

photocopying banking—tried to get a media ticket
for minglewood's maritime bash but no go

because my rain knee is singing again
because cousins from bc and nova scotia meet

by chance outfront of the casemate and much
exchange email addresses cell and roving cells

because these keys are not new orleans keys
and i've no sidemen on horns no bass no torch

because i can't focus on some of what i need—
festival and residency both preempting and i've

no one running interference no stage manager
no roadies no security personnel no ready johns

because i'm yawning while writing this poem
how can i expect any reader to get excited?

because i'm too tired to chomp at the bit
because i suspect i'm drifting into autopilot

cruise control autosave autorun homestretch
because i just might be catching up to myself


Last weeks' artists

Caine at the easelCaine Haris at the easel painting his decon- recon- faces, heads, not cubist, not yet protraits but he's heading in that direction. Even has people he wants paint. Just needs more boards, more paint—enough to make each use of materials for each painting exercise less precious—enough to give him room to play, to experiment and play, to make mistakes without stressing over it.

liz on the sewing machine
Liz, of lizzie's yarns, on the sewing machine. Her Husqvarna. Other times she was running a knitting machine, or needlefelting.

some of Liz's productionSome of Liz's works-in-progress, production, hung on the casemate wall: knit handbags and handbag parts, silk-end weavings . . .

Afterwards, a pintLast Friday, time of the dissappeared happy hour, after the two solid weeks in the residency casemake, Caine and a pint of Picaroon's, all pints now $4.50 all of the time, on the deck of The Taproom. A good week's work done. "Sociable!"

shirt: CHSR
loc: FAA Casemate
temp: 21
sound: Putumayo presents New Orleans

Corey's pope scope

pope scope by corey frost
Corey Brown has done it! Here's the finished pope scope. Made for someone to gift to Pope Benedict XVI.

It was delivered, first stage to Saint John, almost without incident. A flat tire and a call to CAA. Car delivery to Canadian Tire. Purchases. On the road again. Back to Fredericton for the night and another day in the caseamte.

T-shirt: CHSR
temp: 21
loc: FAA casemate
sound: the ringing in my ears

casemate poems (reprise) 21

because suiss guards work at the vatican
because ruth has logged off to go roller ball

hunting—red ball on a crushed red brick driveway
because an american from mass just said she uses

her car's speedometer to do currency conversion
how that works for money I wonder? oh america!

because laura came back to see herself in a poem
because she's now appearing in a second poem

because i must blog post pics of lee horus clark
building his monster pot at the fine craft festival

performance pottery with step-wheel foot-powered
and i must blog pics of liz and caine in residency

because it's an almost full moon friafternoon
because today's visitors are from germany holland

the usa israel moncton and points far beyond
because this is cusp poem of this artist residency

because i don't have to decide who i hear tonight
because sharon parker was spotted on the corner

of queen and york on her way to hear fathead at noon
outside king's place—roy meeting her there


casemate poems (reprise) 20

because the creative juices must keep flowing
because i can't find the spare camera barrery

because the battery here is the wrong size
because it's the morning after little feat

because ophelia is 70 klicks north of hattaras
and slowly moving her tropical wind & rain this way

because ophelia is storm two of a ko-ed america
because my ears feel last night's so loud

because i shared a hit in the york parking lot
with paul and fred outside the hot tomato bus

because tonight they play a show in portland me
because today is corey's last day in residence

because she brought her car in at 0-dark-hundred
and loaded tables and big stuff impossible later

because ruth is working wireless with coffee
at a table outside carriage house inn on university

because noel's "old-fashioned word processor"
photograph of moi in action (two words—thanks rob)

appeared in yesterday's telegraph journal paper
because we have sunshine between stormfronts


15 September 2005

Little Feat heard

little Feat ticketsHeard and felt, loved. Something that i never ever imagined happening in any Eastern Canadian town-city where I've lived. So damn unlikely.

The accoustic show was heaven: "Dixie Chicken" jam with "Tennesee Jed" dropped into the middle. "Willin'" with "Long Black Veil" & The Band's "The Load" dropped into the middle. We know they'll also be playing an electric version of "Dixie Chicken" in the show because they said so. If all goes well I can get an interview after the electric show, about 20 min after, with the lead man<151;Paul Barrere. I'm game for that!

Have also caught some Hans Martini Quartet @ Taproom, Melonworks @ Evention tent. Feat on tape. Amber on tape. Liz and Nicole and Charmaine on tape. Amber with the digital Marantz recording backstage security radio and more.

Got go keep groving. Have to leave this 'puter and squeeze myself back to the stage front where Mike & Ruth, Liz, Ted, and so many more are just lovin' it, dancing, swaying, singing along . . .

shirt: CHSR 97.9, Exploring the Outer Limits
temp: too hot, but so beautifully hot
loc: bug life tent
sound: Little Feat live in stage, "Down on the Farm"

casemate poems (reprise) 19

because poetry against a backdrop of a thousand
harleys has been replaced by jackhammers and jazz

pre-soundcheck sound system warn-up with pinkl floyd
"another brick in the wall" pounding this space

so loud all i hear of the typewriter is thin tinny
bashed by psycho-teacher tight to craft college

drowning out anyone's attempt to talk outloud
because i'm chatting through fingers & thumbs

because i'm listening to convo with my eyes
while my ears are overwelmed beyond sound

into body resonator liquid stone surround
because i can't hear rain i see falling

because this rock & brick drum has a free-floating
skin—mine—stretched around bones & water

because seaforth-grown eco-spuds and raisin bread
and who-knows-what-else has been delivered

ruth & mike finishing beer & black ice then heading
this way then we're off to rye's deli food & beer

because amber is evention tent stage manager tonight
interview her for chsr too—program full circle


casemate poems (reprise) 18

because the mic up-close is a chain-link world
because audio performance includes the typewriter

more than the silent pad lapdog building its
words for the wifi world—watchers in ottawa

sackville and who know's wherelse unless they tell
because i'm to get a large black chewy coffee

at second cup on my return to the manual land
because i remembered and even brought myself

day's third cup of joe—may or may not drink all
but some might keep me online for little feat

because ted's trying to catch some of last night
on my livingroon floor—drive-by music comes

in open window but the upstairs mix gone silent
because ruth & mike will be at the carriage house

anytime now—here for the feat and minglewood
because the horrible forescents must be on

to cut gloomy thursday for our dome of light
because a musician's shuttle van unloads

two 12s of keiths before soundcheck starts
—someone's special rider come to roost


casemate poems (reprise) 17

because amber has scored a band soundcheck schedule
because the spider has come back (twice) to web-build

in the open doorway to catch an artist patron or
blues musician—corey transports it on a thread

to windowsill geranium plant—red dried blossoms
no wind through the window—seeds caught in old web

because the treasurer hasn't been in the office yet
hasn't signed our art carney cheques for labour

day weekend and it's a week and a half since
because the copper leaves get stems fused today

will become a vine this afternoon or tomorrow
because i've become hungry for chicken brocolli

and stuff casserol and should step out of this poem
performance to scuttle home long enough to heat & eat

because it's too wet for johanus to be sitting
on the grass working soapstone so he's relocated

to the boardwalk under the balconies and with will
and alec is tackling a box of fresh donuts-to-go

because the ringing sound of this manual typewriter
is being heard in brick-walled craft college rooms


casemate poems (reprise) 16

"because the night . . ." thanks patti smith & springsteen
because i found a silver hoop earring on queen street

middle of the road on a manhole cover fresh black
asphalt harvest running both sides of the iron island

because i'm back in the saddle again—poem wrangler
at your service—another overcast day scouring breaks

and dry arryos in the folded scape of my grey matter
because backstage sidewalls defrienly barracks square

sugarcube giganticus lump dropped between builts
on the plot of compound land—snowfence erection

gradually fencing us in and fencing tourists locals
and other interested parties persons peole out

because ted has arrived early after waking at 4 am
after a firszt ballroom dancing lesson with heather

and after watching 17-year-old calgarian melissa
declared this year's canadian idol—he didn't sleep

so he packed the car hit the highway and drove
five hours to here including a break and traffic

because humidity that was making cobwebby air
has started condensing and falling out


14 September 2005


Yeah, i know. The media pass clearly states "This pass does not entitle the bearer access to backstage areas, stage doors, or service doors" but there was I following Matte Robinson and Kora past the stage manager. We hovered 'round a long-8 table. I pulled the marantz from my shoulder bag and set up. We did two raw station IDs plus a circling interview while the BoB Walsh soundcheck was happening onstage and while the STU Jazz Ensemble was breaking down, hauling gear out behind us. They were refreshing after the performance (encore prompted by Mayor Bradside as emcee), drinking Bug Lite (which I participated in). [Note: i can't see a thing on this screen: white type on a white ground. Hope it posts visible and not to typo-heavy.] Liz und ze littles haf left the tent. Haggis was too freaked by the crowd. Loved the music but not the space between songs. Not the people. Kora tried to help with some of her pre-stage jitter exercises but it may have been too late. But there I was. What happens once can happen again. Tomorrow's another day. Me and my coming-rain freaked knee have to leave here and go home. Get some sleep. Get up and write more public performance poetry.

T: still Alan's "whale"
loc: bug life tent
temp: cooler than 20 C
sound: "Summertime" (Irving Berlin from Porgy & Bess) preformed life by the Bob Walsh band

live @ the kickoff

Hey, there's an Aliant kiosk in the Bud Light tent. Two computers sharing the good life. So here i am blogging live at the Harvest kick-off.

On stage right now is the STU [St Thomas University] Jazz Ensemble. According to the Harvest Fest website, it ". . . was formed nine years ago to provide students and faculty members from STU and the University of New Brunswick an opportunity to preform and develop their skills in the genre of jazz music. Under the direction of Don Bosse, the ensemble performs for various functions on campus during the academic year as well as in their own concert series. The ensemble has performe[d] in the Edmundston Jazz [Festival] and regularly at Harvest."

Among the many musicians, Matte Robinson, on trumpet, and Jenenne Gallant, on trombone, are onstage. In the break after Ensemble is done, and before Bob Walsh performes,

I hope, having already discussed it outfront of city hall with Kora, to record my first interview and raw station ID of this year's festival—a short one with them & Kora as the members of Vetch. Last night, Vetch opened for Matt Dusk @the playhouse. They have at least one other performance in the festival.

Amber, my fellow CHSR media hound, will not be here tonight because of her radio show from 9:30-11 pm.

shirt: whale petroglyph
loc: Bud Light Blues Tent
temp: 20 C
sound: a samba number being performed live by STU Jazz Ensemble

casemate poems (reprise) 15

because i forgot my journal in the casemate
because i went back after a corn-on-the-cob

pei mussels and a keiths ipa and there it was tucked
under the just-received edge seasons by beth powning

because i must continue writing even as the kick-off
draws near and a chsr media pass is 'round my neck

because i've not written enough—barely 40 lines
two sections today and that's not the pace set

because dj violet i is playing a half hour of harvest
jazz & blues on tonight's radio reggae program

because i'm in a sweat from the humming humidity
the book contract and design work encroaching

my art oasis and i'm not even halfway through
the residency and how/when will i do that work?

because next week's chris giles dropped by today
and he's talking of bringing his guitar & amp

and giving some live bowed guitar during days
before jam jazz nights in this here evention tent

because he also plans to work on one of his
short-film projects—shooting? i don't know


casemate poems (reprise) 14

because i've been spun silly to distraction & despair
by the chaos of festival construction and kaleidoscopes

copper tree leaves and spinning corey frost show
out the door and on the road for handworks and please

no close encounters with moose or smaller animals
because i've turned off lights and music and coffee

"poetry and all that jazz"as kerouac wrote
need to slow down to swing and bop tonight

because seabrook says he will send musicians
my way to the casemate to interview them here

because sophie wants to get together to sit
and talk and tell stories with wine and photographs

because they made the studio committment
put first and last month's rent on silas' card

because she feels sick today kirk will come back
to be an audible artist another day taking pottery

class at craft college did term at nscad is in grad
program at unb wants printmating and an arts spread

because the seedless red grapes with me are eaten
beer tokens in pocket and an art carney cheque coming


casemate poems (reprise) 13

because i'm writing 13th reprise poem on the 13th
because haggis machaggis is needlefelting a dragon

because it's time to get going—the radio show beckons
because it's an overcast morning in the river valley

because corey's sawing away on sheet copper
behind me making leaves for shadowbox tables

because beer bought in advance is cheaper
than beer bought in harvest jaws of booze tents

because the pope's kaleeidoscope and 11 cardinal scopes
are finally made and ready for delivery in saint john

because there were rcmp roadblocks on the trans-can
highway between king's landing and fredericton

because "my name is ________" "je m'appelle __________"
because "i live in ________" "i am from ___________"

because "my arts practice is/includes _____________"
because "i work on my art ____ hours a week"

because the last statement is "i would like __________"
because marantz mic and stand are ready to record

because soon as the barracks tent stage is level
sound boys arrive with a truckload of hard cases


13 September 2005

Joe Blades and Chris Giles

Date sent: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 16:25:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: Maria Bour
Subject: Press Release, Week 2, Casemates
To: Joe Blades

Press Release

Serving the Arts in the Fredericton Region

Fredericton Arts Alliance
P.O. Box 1303, Station A
Fredericton, NB, E3B 5C8
Phone: (506) 443-9900
Email: frederictonartsalliance@yahoo.ca

For Immediate Release * For Immediate Release

Artists in Residence 2005 Summer Series:

Joe Blades and Chris Giles-September 17th-September 23rd:

Located in the Soldiers' Barracks in downtown Fredericton, the series presents local professional artists and fine craftspeople for one- to two-week residencies in the Soldiers, Barracks Casemates, in the heart of Fredericton's art district. Artists will create an outdoor studio space providing the public with a wonderful opportunity to talk with the artists, learn about their inspiration and creation, and witness professional art in the making. Each week two new artists will be on location to offer their expertise and ideas to the community.

Joe will be writing poetry and possibly other creative writings on a manual non-electric typewriter, and will also make handbound books. Last year, poems written during a 2003 residency were published as Casemate Poems by Widows and Orphans of Waterloo. People can follow Joe's residency by visiting: http://brokenjoe.blogspot.com

Chris Giles is a Fredericton-based photographer/artist, filmmaker and musician who graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 1998. His select solo exhibits have featured 40x60 B&W transparencies, and a recreated apartment with 20x30 C-prints. Chris has contributed to experimental music in Fredericton since 1997, playing with notable musicians. He has received two emerging artist grants from ARTSNB. Chris is a member of the NB Filmmaker's Cooperative, has contributed to seven independent films and single-handedly created "ILLUSIONS OF A THIRSTY MIND" (2004), an 11-minute experimental film. Currently, he manages The Radiant Darkroom. He plans to make a mini art movie while residing at the casements. Using traditional film techniques and recently filmed footage he will edit together a semi-random and exciting project. He will also display artworks that show the continuum from still photography to moving pictures.

Corey Brown and Joe Blades will continue their residency until September 16th.

The Casemates are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 to 5 pm on Sundays. All are welcome and there is no charge for admission. Donations are gratefully accepted.


T: "whale" by Red Crane ent.
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 18 C
sound: Little Feat (1973) - "Dixie Chicken", HJBF Sampler 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 12

because the pope scope may be cursed
because corey has lost one of the papal crosses

she made last night to affix to the outside
because i once spent 15 minutes in nain

labrador on a flight out of happy valley-goose
bay bound for school presentations in makkovik

because poetry took me to the labrador coast
and poetry brought me back from that edge

because folding tables and chairs have arrived
because a long-legged spider is running about

the table and over my opened journal pages
because amber wants to use me for classwork

a photoshoot tomorrow—artists in their studios
is her independent study this school term

because bearing witness takes as many forms
as people watching witnessing documenting

interpreting translating creating from being
because squirrels mark each acorn and nut

with their own unique scent before burying them
and they dig up only their own nuts honourably


casemate poems (reprise) 11

because karen ruet's photography class is outside
because she will have them running around slr cameras

in hand focusing and stressing over lightmeters
and f-stops and whether they'll ever get good exposure

because a casemate poems book was purchased live
because I'm running lone today and feeling slower

alone with me the only crazy in the space and less convo
because i'm running three hello conversations with people

in fredericton sackville and timberlea simultaneously
because i've slowed too much so much that tempo

must be a factor of energy in space-mind continuum
because reggae music in da afternoon is a good ting

because the electric boys have arrived with tools
for their power-up part of the bigtop setup while

linda brine brings one of her textile classes outside
to a picnic table—all ring binders pens pencils

because a bottle of whining would be bad canning
but a good wine right now could be a fine thing

because a block of soapstone in johanus' hands
became a penguin carved polished and sold yesterday


casemate poems (reprise) 10

because laura is a new student at the craft college
because she doesn't want to do commercial fashion

because sketches of spain is a calm end of day
because pigeons have replaced people outside

on park benches and they are feeding off us
because lockdown has occured in the casemates

because corey mush finish the pope scope tonight
because multi-stage is proudly made in the usa

because it's time folks time to go home to eat to go
pickup photos at stuporstore to bike and rest

because tuesday is cracked egg day at victory
because jazz & blues musicians are walking sidewalks

to the harvest office for their daze in fredericton
because i'd completely forgotten that other significance

of monday past until i woke 11 minutes into night news
memorials in washington & ottawa for felled tower

victims—will katrina's victims receive similiar?
because toilets have moved too close to here

just out of sight beside the barracks building
because canada is cool (literally) à lire au délire!


12 September 2005

Spinning through Space

cover of The Nine Planets
The Nine Planets
Edward Riche
ISBN 0-670-04456-3
Viking Canada
2004, pp 303, $34.00

Riche's previous novel Rare Birds was a more outrageously funny extreme tale than the The Nine Planets but both are successful sendups of mainlanders and the supposedly commnon scheeming of Newfoundlander natives and come-from-away residents desirous of a better life. [Could one write a funny tale around the Come-by-Chance refinery or the greenhouse cucumber project without falling into mix with seriousness where Wayne Johnston's The Colony of Unrequited Dreams successfully landed?] Possibly, the stretched tale has more lattitude.

The Nine Planets novel follows the wobbly orbit of Marty Devereaux, co-owner of semmingly successful private school in St John's. Fuktd relationships. A business partner who wings off on a eco-kick; who has a half-crazed, dying playwright brother; his daughter (the brother's), Cathy—the coolest, most beautifully complicated escape artist in the novel; the hungries: the (half)-crazed; the over-ambitious local- now global-business developers who never really say what they really want and who never mean anything implied in hearing what they actually say . . .

This is a good, possibly great, novel. Very visual, made for TV [and Rare Birds is also a movie (that I've not yet seen 'cause I'm terrible at being a sucker for movie theatres and "what's new?"—I simply don't get there (up the hill, over the highway) for anything]. I like this novel. I've laughted harder with others but I laugh well with Edward Riche's novels. Let the next novel be more of Cathý's story!

loc: examing room
temp: 22 C
sound: music from and inspired by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Another side of Joe

photo of Joe Broken Joe wields a clawhammer to reattach a piece of rotten decking that had been a dangerous foot-catching hole outfront of the casemate. Photo by Corey Frost.

shirt: PEN is mightier than the sword
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 24 C
sound: Miles Davis, Sketches of Spain

casemate poems (reprise) 9

because more nails is always better
because sometimes poetry needs a hammer

because ned bear's butternut woodchips were
claimed for reuse for firing chalk pastel

onto copper maple leaves for shadowbox tables
because they might not get the studio for art

might be outbid by man willing to pay more rent
because the wind gusts are so blustery the tent

canvas ripples and flows like ocean waves
because detached oak leaves drift into the case

because the soup slow-cooked while i wrote
because it's 7:30 pm in every paris café

because the soup is smoked turkey & vegies
because corey scored abandoned student clothes

because these are some of my foolish things
because the crazy chaos of jazz tent is not

jazz and the rattle-boom of staging emptied
from budget truck is not percussion smooth

because picnic tables must not block paths
because we're working in a festival warzone


Photos from the casemate

Corey Frost Corey Brown loses it in the cracks. Photo by Liz.

Joe's writing devices Joe's typewriter and lapdog side by each on the table: both wireless, differently. Photo by Joe.

Joe typing with hammer "If I had a hammer . . ." Joe's hardcore editing technique. Photo by Corey.

blues tent photo The blues tent. Photo by Corey.

shirt: PEN is mightier that the sword
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 25
sound: United Future Organization [self titled]

casemate poems (reprise) 8

because typing sounds like it’s underwater
and i just gave myself an italian papercut

a manmade hangnail on middle finger
because idle jack sounds like a chainsaw

because steph is looking for caine so that they
can visit ruth about renting the studio space

comedy dance of artists—silas circling too
because they finally all meet up—smiling happy

because tent sidepoles are up and the wind
billows the mostly on the ground canvas

because perfection is paving recap on city streets
and wilmot alley fresh black for the blues bus

because green tarps are not white sidewalls
and the crew is slow to raise the centre poles

because noel of the telegraph-journal wants me
typing on manual for possible photo for tomorrow’s paper

because this becomes a crazy thing sometimes my
fingers trip-stumble during peck-on-demand

poetry writing performance ragtime jazz number
snow in the afternoon of black coffee wire chill


casemate poems (reprise) 7

because a bald eagle was circling overhead
because liz and me want to find a way for me

to type on fabric permanent type poetry for her
to incorporate into her handbag production

because the stool back is definitely broken
two screws missing from previous repair job

because we’ve already run out of pushpins
because i’m about to snap shut the american

padlock on big red doors of this temp studio
because empty i was redeemed for only $6.95

because the humidity in our vase is sticky
the sun hot already 21 c by 10:30 the blues

tent for barrack’s square is being assembled
as i write with the specials’ ska singles

bus tour out of bawstawn dropped outside barracks
because commercial tent crew dispenses earplugs

in advance of using their gas-powered jackhammer
pushing pins through parking lot asphalt and grass

because taperfit™2 regular size is too big
for my earholes i squeeze the expanded foam


11 September 2005

casemate poems (reprise) 6

because this seems to be how i keep going
because i biked to hartt island and back

because i pulled the hand-truck home tied
to the bike rack with a wrapped bungee cord

because naomi wants me to make her a book
because she has drawn a friend in my journal

because art barter is a good trade
because next time she comes here i will sew

simple signature book together red cover
over torn ragged-edged grey paper pages

because she's now in grade one and counting
the days until her next birthday

because i don't need safety goggles to write
because fresh geen & yellow beans are finger

food and this stool has insufficient back
or form to be good for my back's posture

because the light is diming in the casemate
sharp shadows gone soft-edged sky clouding

over our first residency sunday winds down
"my highland radio radio" diary uploads


casemate poems (reprise) 5

because i didn't go to the taproom
because i didn't hear dub antenna last night

because i'd performed seven straight hours
because i was watching the sopranos premiere

because i'd eaten orange ginger salmon filet
because i was happy to be drinking bitter

because i was haulled toward food by liz
because the lunar rogue was a calling her

because her bourbon steak was beautifully blue
because white taxis reflect too much light

because of outside of . . . outside edmonton
because the digital camera cable is still in debec

because the canon-buldled software is installed
because a drive offered is better than a taxi

because i'm alone in this space now
because i can hear conversing people not seen

because the tow away zone is not on sunday
because a list written is easily referenced

because an idea prototype is a nothing sketch
because pacific rim starfish need backing


My Highland Radio diary

JUL 05 2005
meeting 5:30 pm
—6-7, Joe music; 7-8, Scot poetry Friday, 22 July.
Saturday site Broadcast 8 AM–5 pm
Broad. Sun—8 AM–5 PM

JUL 07 2005
Amber [Friedman] is the host of the new reggae show on Wednesday nite @ CHSR . . . Will also try to get her for Highland Radio—why not? She's good, and likeable.

JUL 12 2005
? Do UNB/STU have tartans? Tris believes UNB has a tweed. Webpage links to be supplied to Tris so I can look and suggest updates. HR2002 brochure may be my doing. Adrien Park. Natalie. 30 July 5:30-7 music by Dave Pirie. Scott Kitchen production? Jeremy can only do if replace his job hrs. Nick—spoken word coord, part of HR now. Good!

JUL 14 2005
CBC Ideas
? abt
Box 500 Stn A
Toro M5W 1E6

JUL 19 2005
contact Ted Alex or Anne to fasttrack the Ideas program. Give Melissa the Freeland Barbour and The Occasionals cassette. Bernie Lucht, Paul Kennedy, Max Allen (?) Liz, associate producer (416)___-____ Revise brochure: CHSR, confirmed volunteers, other programming on CHSR. Mix of Caps & lowercase > Arial.

JUL 20 3005
. . . called alex @ CBC Hfx and got direct # for Bernie (still sr Prod) and Paul . . . I called Liz to ask if she'd do an interviews as weaver of tartan on Highlands Radio (she said yes) . . . Then I called and left message for Melissa @ CHSR . . . Liz has just been asked to demo on the Games site—weaving, drop spindle, something—very last minute but . . .

James Doohan, "Scotty" of Star Trek fame, has died.

JUL 21 2005
1 mess, 1 pm: Liz N_ @ Ideas called. Bernie says it's fine to broadcast "Water of Life" & "Guiness is Good for You". Ceilidh. I'm now providing 5½ straight hours of Friday's HR from Scotch Music thru Highland APB, "The Robbie Burns Story" and The Occasionals Trad Ceilidh. Plus Tris or Melissa did get Ryan to do a "Celtic Soundtrack" as I suggested. Plus some of the retro coverage is from my recording onsite, plus getting Amber on air was my doing . . . this year Highland Radio is throwing Lyon to the boys w/ the heavy events—he should be a good person for them.

A pair of Irish wolfhounds . . . Off Square open air concert by Solstice with Matt Carter percussion—djembe, bodran; harp and keys; Krista on fiddle; someone I don't recognize under his ballcap; Helen on whistle also sings; accordion [Jane] . . .

JUL 22 2005
• cue cassettes for shows. Theme song, #6, "Scotch Music". Uisce Beatha stn ID 1-22, Mahones 1-21, Sheeple 1-48, Buddy 1-45. Reel-to-reeel on Tape 1. CD 20040960 Taxi Chain. "Water of Life" 54.53 time . . . "the water is added to release the serpents from the whisky."

JUL 24 2005
"Not bad music"—kid running by HR tent (while I'm producer-host on the board)

shirts: "write poetry" Simple, faded denim
loc: FAA casemate
temp: 19 C
sound: Shooglenifty, Venus in Tweeds