27 November 2007

APB, 27 Nov 2007

An FM-free broadcast tonight; internet only. Live guest Eric Gale postponed until CHSR is back on the airwaves.

Ashes, Paper & Beans show tonight started with "episode 3" of the WrimoRadio podcast project of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) even though we're in the fourth week and I've still not heard from the media liason for the 18 registered Fredericton participant writers: a 50,000 word novel to be written this month!

It was followed by John B. Lee's poem "Jimi Hendrix in the Company of Cows" (because today is/was Jimi's birthday); a 1997 reading by Toronto author Carol Malyon and "The Dogs" by Jean Smith. Mixed in was news on readings, craft sales and a play in Fredericton in the coming week.

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24 November 2007

Buy Nothing Day report

I failed, not miserably at all, but I did buy something on 23 Nov 2007. Buy Nothing Day is yet another USA tradition protest or consciousness-raising imported to places were it really means less. First Friday after their Thanksgiving Day. The big day for Macy's and now USA-wide Christmas excess shopping.

My only purchases were (1) three happy hour Timberhog Stout (Picaroon's) @ Wilsers while socializing with Beth and Phil and a few peeps they knew, (2) a slice of "works" pizza @ Luna, (3) a bottle of cheap red @ anbl.

No gift purchases.
No major electronics or entertainment systems.
No shop till I drop.
No thanks!

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20 November 2007

APB, 20nov2007

Sheri-D Wilson & Russell Broom with "Snap Shot". Guest: author M. T. Dohaney discussed her latest novel, The Flannigans (Penneywell Books). Drek Daa with "Isles of Grass", "Omaha Poetry", "There and Then". WriMo Radio 2007, episode 1, from National Novel Writing Month. Sheri-D Wilson with "I am a Closet New Yorker".

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16 November 2007

Connexion Exhibition & Fundraiser

Gallery Connexion presents


Expose your art, expose yourself, and help support Fredericton’s only artist-run center!

Gallery Connexion, as part of a fundraising event, is asking members of the art community to donate photographs to our “Give Us Your Best Shot” fundraising campaign.

We are asking all members of the community to donate photographs 8” x 10” or larger. Your choice of subject matter is welcome, framed to your liking (or we will display it in an 8" x 10" clip frame).

These photos will be displayed from December 11th through to the 13th with the silent auction held on December 13th.

Please mail or drop your donations off at Gallery Connexion anytime between now and December 8th.

PO Box 696
Fredericton NB E3B 5B4
Tel: (506) 4541433
email: connex@nbnet.nb.ca

13 November 2007

APB, 13 Nov 2007

Had to SOCAN log tonight's show even though I thought that Ashes, Paper & Beans only rebroadcasts once during the next SOCAN monitoring @ CHSR: 21-24 November. Whatever.

First half of show was my recording of Elizabeth Hay reading from Late Nights on Air (Harper Canada)—last week's announced winner of the 2007 Scotiabank Giller Prize. Second half was part one from my recording of the Side by Side Festival of Literary Translation / Côte à Côte festival de traduction littéraire Roundtable / table rounde on /sur Endangered Languages. End piece was the short "The Green" by Dasez Scott from the Word Up spoken word CD (Virgin/EMI, 1995).

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12 November 2007

Found Photo du Jour: 12 Nov 2007

Found 11:50 AM in the nave of the deconsecrated St John Anglican Church on Highway 105, Whites Cove, NB.

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Found Photo du Jour: 11 Nov 2007

More than just a found photo this time, I found a wallet with driver's licence, business cards, receipts, Blockbuster card and more . . . but no money.

Found on Rememberance Day, Sunday, 11 November 2007 at 11:50 AM under a bush, a shrubbery, outside the home of Ross Leckie at the intersection of St John Street with Churchill Row, Fredericton, NB while I on on my venue-confused walkabout route to the noon screening at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre of documentary films in the Silver Wave Film Festival.

En route to Silver Wave's 7 pm Gala Closing screening @ the Tilley Hall Auditorium, I went by the nearby Church Street address on the driver's licence and George was still living there (with his wife and children). He was very grateful. Had had the wallet stolen from his truck on Thursday night and, long weekend and all, hadn't yet started replacing his ID. Good timing on my part.

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06 November 2007

Ashes, Paper & Beans, 6 Nov 2007

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Writing & Art Show with host Joe Blades. CHSR 97.9 FM, Fredericton, NB. Tonight's show started with "Martin Scorcese (PG-13)" by King Missile. The feature was a lively interview-discussion with two guests: NB filmmakers Bunthivy Nou and Dennis Poirier, both on the board of the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative and involved in several film productions screening in the 2007 Silver Wave Film Festival that opens Thursday, 8 Nov at 7 pm at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre Auditorium. Show ended with "The X is Black (Spike Lie)" by Amiri Baraka.

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05 November 2007

“day of the dead 2007” poem

day of the dead 2007
by Joe Blades © 2007

too right for the passing poet
the northeastern christian college
woman teacher or student showing
ankles between long skirt and shoes
who smiled a ripe late summer smile
at faded green man this morning

three deer earlier along the trail
the one on the right side visible
two on the left in the small wedge
of trees between trail and gibson
watch convenience store old man
pick up the halloween garbage

in mountain streams above
reka drina the plastic bottles
attract sand to their open mouths
their one use for beer juice water
long past and they were discarded
plentiful as the streambed rocks

neo decorations adorn trees bushes
and fence posts this day of the dead
not halloween treats abandoned
these plastic grocery bags reused
these hand outline instruction bags
—how to pick up your dog’s shit

deer and coyotes move to the city
despite the traffic and the people
walking dogs and whooping night
deer move in to avoid the hunters
in orange brighter than any leaf
coyotes have some crow in them

a coyote who writes poems of rural
and the farm life passed through town
poems of driving before dawn to be
there before sun kissed the river
bait and her lines at the ready
—no rock and tree nature poet

rather like a caddisfly in its
built home of twigs and sand
resting on the stream bottom
or the hermit crab moved in
to its new seashell home
after its builder passed on

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01 November 2007

Post 600: Elizabeth Hay an(o)( au)th(e)(o)r reading

Alumni Lounge venue became East Gallery, UNB Art Centre, but upon arrival it was evident the the new "east" was West. I set up my mic and recording deck in semi-darkness afore Marie arrive to jig the lights. Late Nights On Air (Harper Canada) is essentially a story of the small crew-community within a small radio station in Yellowknife. One somewhat based upon some of the author's personal experience in the North and in radio and so much more. Read a great party scene against a backdrop of art by Fredericton painter Angel Gómes from his exhibition Andadura: New Work / Retrospective scheduled to open at 5 pm this coming Friday, 9 November.

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