26 August 2008

APB, 26 Aug 2008

Tree ear found on the path outside the UNB–STU Student Union Building on my way into the building, marked-up to commemorate the show.

Started the program with a set from the CD Snake in the Heart (Tia Chucha Press, 1994) by Chicago spoken word artists: "Malcom is 'bout more than wearing a hat" by Michael Warr; "Schoolyard of Broken Dreams" by Marvin Tate + D'Settlement; "Undertaker" by Patricia Smith; "Liquid Thoughts" by David Hernandez + Street Sound.

I then played tracks 1-18 from Canadian writer Paulo da Costa's CD Notas de rodapé in Portugese.

After show outro I played the song "Cockroach" by BronweN.

Walked out of the building into a sprinkle of rain and this . . .

T: . . . etiam maxime laedit
loc: postAPB
temp: 22 C
sound: Gang of Four Return the Gift

APB, 19 Aug 2008

Show started with Splendor and Death of Porfirio Rubirosa—an original voiceplay by Chris Baskous. Second half of the show featured cuts from Aural Heather's Princess Nut CD: "Window Seat", "Habitat", "My Mountain", "Appleton", "Sechelt", Poetess", & "Princess Nut".

T: Quod nos non necat . . .
loc: pre-APB
temp: 16 c
sound: Violent Femmes Violent Femmes,

22 August 2008

5 min in Oxford

waiting for the other bus to arrive
waiting for the exchange of drivers

some passengers exit the bus
for pop and chips
scottsburn ice cream
cigarette break

not me, i'm writing . . .
writing another georg section
of the larger work-in-progress
fiction supported by artsnb's
creation grant of last year

must get back to it
and post this before
we move and travel
breaks the temporary
connection here enjoyed

T: NB Highland Games & Scottish Festival
loc Oxford bus stop
temp: here (unknown), [ Fredericton: 30 C]
sound: Milaposka Youheed

21 August 2008

found photo + du jour

Found 5:40 pm, Thursday, 21 August 2008, on the customer self-service counter at the York Credit Union on Queen Street, Fredericton, NB. Guess that "Mom" was more interested in the cheque.

T: Bagad Kelc'h Keltieg Kombrid
loc: postpasta
temp: 24 C, partly cloudy
sound: Radio Goethe presents German Bands, Vol. III

12 August 2008

ashes, papier & beans, 12 aug 2008

Tonight's show, the first live in three weeks, was a reaction to rhubarb: Started with Bob Holman's "Lounge Chair", R.C. Weslowski's "i've been thinking / it's about time", "Bridges" by Utah Phillips & ami difranco, and "longstoryshort" by Sekou Sundiata. Continues with "Intro to Smoke (A Novel)" by R. Murray Schafer, Go Now (chapters 1 & 2) by Richard Hell, "Vive le (for Henri Chopin)" by Paul Dutton, and ended with « Pandore » par Mitsiko Miller.

shirt: black, short-sleeve Vintage Silk
loc: postroadshow
temp: 17 C
sound: BronweN Silent Victim

08 August 2008

BTMG celebrates 8:08, 08/08/08

Wilmot Park gazebo/bandstand, by the wading pool
(please, no eating the children)


Everyone is invited to read ... your own work, other's work

Weirdness welcome

Madness welcome

If you can't make it, send something to read, it will be read
(especially if it's weird)

T: yellow
loc: designdesk
temp: 18
sound Little Feat Waiting for Columbus