30 October 2011

on the trail

What is the story of this car in Marysville long over the bank between rail/trail and river?

just off canada street
a painted black pumpkin
i could dress one
with my broken jaw
and paint its skull
this hazed sun afternoon
before a night promise
of latvian vodka and wine
of nor’easter rain’n’snow
a bad rod stewart recreation
dried grasses hardly rustle
as people bicycle past
counting or marking today
as one of the good ones
birds crickets and dogs
the whine of a tablesaw
from across nashwaak river
people—both men and women—
walking with canes in use
no broadway stage show
“puttin’ on the ritz” ’round here
is cheeze or something else
say house-blend herring
eaten for a light snack
absense of a person felt
qu’est-ce que future?
balcony railing très froid
sky more solidly grey
with thickening overcast
eat pizza made in allegmagne
as paint dries on my pumpkin
eyes nose and jaw carved

River view below the bridge in Marysville. A photo I took yesterday at a trailside park bench illustrating I like biking, sitting, photographing, and writing (t)here.

An example of a practice I do not like or agree with:
Out of respect for the land—and this trail is also parkland—the City of Fredericton must come up with a healthier and safer way to trim and remove trees, weeds and bushes encroaching the trail. Many people walk and cycle these trails to see and enjoy some of Fredericton's natual beauty. Many people walk their dogs along the trails. Tree mowers leave an unsightly, violent looking and feeling bed of shredded stumps dangerous to fall on or to attempt walk through. Sure, it would be more work and need more workers than one person sitting in a machine to cleanly stump or remove these trees but the trail parklands are not a highway or clearcut. They should be tended with aesthetic consideration and respect for the people who use the trails—residents and visitors alike.

26 October 2011

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 26 Oct 2011

Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Writing and Arts Show, with host Joe Blades, on CHSR 97.9 FM, Fredericton.

poet Surparna Ghosh: Dots and Crosses.

Fredericton writing and arts public service announcements.

poet Hugh Hazelton: the Imperial Birthday Party.

poet Luis J. Rodriguez: Palmas.

21 October 2011

liszt listening lists

2011 is Hungarian pianist–composer Franz Liszt's bicentenary. Among other things, he composed orchestral music he called "symphonic poems" that interpreted poems, paintings or other non-musical sources. "As a twist on this idea, the Charlotte Street Arts Centre will host visual artists and writers to interpret, during the concert, the musical works presented" (from the Program).

Artist–jeweller/metalsmith–educator Brigitte Clavette to my left.

Peter Allen at the Yamaha baby grand piano, audience, my orange toque that's been to Hungary, and pen on my journal.

Megan MacKay writing in her journal to my right (+ an audience man with camera also at back of the auditorium).

Cover of my near-instant chapbook of my "symphonic poem" written Wednesday evening, 19 October 2011: signed and numbered limited edition of 50 copies, colour LED-printed on cover stock throughout, hand-bound by the author–publisher with raw linen thread; 12 pages self-cover, 5.5" (w) x 8.5" (h). Fredericton, NB: Broken Jaw Press, ISBN 978-1-55391-110-4. CSAC fundraiser special: $15 + shipping & GST. Order from sales @ brokenjaw.com. See www.brokenjaw.com/catalog/pg132.htm

Below, by way of example, is an image of one of the inside pages showing a typeset version of the poem overtop of an image of its original handwritten journal pages.

20 October 2011

APB: 19 October 2011

Tchitala Kamba: Bandalungwa Makelele.

Live interview with Tristis Ward of Fredericton, author of Bones of the Magus: All that Remains (Broken Jaw Press, 2011).

Patricia Smith: Undertaker.

19 October 2011

Tristis Ward interview

Tonight, on Ashes, Paper, & Beans I'll be interviewing Tristis Ward about her just-published, nearly-graphicless, graphic novel Bones of the Magus: All that Remains (Broken Jaw Press).

Photo of book display in Westminster Books window.

12 October 2011

APB, 12 octo 2011

Radio Free Vestibule: Froo Froo the Talking Cat.

Tom Pow: The Football, & other poems.

bill bissett: the fog peopul.

Bruce McRae: Bookworm, & other opoems.

Live interview with Jacques Poitras, author of Imaginary Line: Life on an unfinished border (Goose Lane, 2011).

Tchitala Kamba: Bandalungwa Makelele.

09 October 2011

Book launch, 27 Oct, @ Westminster Books

27 October, Thursday, 7 pm.
@ Westminster Books,
445 King Street,
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Tel 1-800-561-READ to order autographed books.

Tristis Ward launching Bones of the Magus: All that Remains (Broken Jaw Press)
Bones of the Magus is a fascinating synthesis of the comic book genre and literary prose. It is a graphic(less) novel in which vivid pictures are created literally and metaphorically through words. The story of a great prince, reincarnated as a skeleton into a foreign time and space, is a compelling and unusual read. Its breathless energy is sustained panel to panel throughout the book. Tristis Ward is the most creative writer I know and Bones of the Magus is her masterpiece. It is science fiction fantasy at its best.”
—Carolyn Gammon

Tristis Ward lives and writes in Fredericton, New Brunswick. After a degree in English at Dalhousie University, she worked for years in community radio as a producer, station manager, and national lobbyist. She has written comic book scripts, short stories and plays as well as producing both stage and radio plays. She has published online in the SFF World Forum and is a multiple winner in their flash fiction contests. Bones of the Magus is her first graphic novel.

& Joe Blades launching Casemate Poems (Collected) (Chaudiere Books)
“To read Canadian poet and artist Joe Blades’ book of poetry casemate poems means to get knowledge about one very specific way of understanding poetry today. [...] Blades’ poetry is written by activating different layers of human knowledge and by articulation of this knowledge, for example, in narrations of history and geography. He moves in time (historical perspective) and in space (for example, actual events in the world at the time, such as the attack on the World Trade Center) […] Poetry is not a separate sacred sphere, but a sphere where it is possible to articulate a critical approach to the past and contemporaneity.”
—Dubravka Ðurić

Joe Blades is a Fredericton, NB writer and artist on the editorial board of revue ellipse mag. He is founding publisher of Broken Jaw Press, and the current Past President of the League of Canadian Poets. Blades has given readings, lectures, and workshops in Canada, the USA, Scotland, and Central Europe. Since 1995 he has been the community radio producer–host of Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show (CHSR FM). Blades is the editor of ten anthologies, curator of a videopoem screening, and author of seven poetry books, including River Suite, and the sequel to Casemate Poems (Collected) titled Prison Songs and Storefront Poetry.

Joe Blades photo by Sophie Lavoie.

06 October 2011

Joe work in three exhibits in Sept–Nov 2011

In Lost & Found, 15 Sept to 27 Oct, 2011, Charlotte Glencross Gallery, Charlotte Street Art Centre, 732 Charlotte Street, Fredericton, NB.

Joe Blades: Found photo du jour, mixed media, 48" x 36", 1987–2011.

Joe Blades: Eye/pieces, mixed media, 15" x 8" x 10.25", 2011.

In Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía
Sexta Exhibición Internacional de Poemas póster Poetas Iberoamericanos Contempóraneos en Homenaje a Encarnación Huerta Palacios (1940–2009)
. Organizada por el Capítulo Fredericton de la A.I.P., New Brunswick, Canadá. Septiembre, 30, 2011, St. Thomas University / Octubre 1, 2011, Biblioteca Pública de Fredericton.

Joe Blades & Natalia Crespo (Translator into Spanish): Storefront Poetry 20 / poesía de vidriera 20, poem, 14" x 8.5", 2008–2011.

In Casemates @ City Hall, 5 Oct to 30 Nov, 2011. City Hall Gallery, Queen St, Fredericton, NB.

Joe Blades: Casemate Poems (Redux), mixed media, 12" x 19" (x 3.5", opened), 2011.

04 October 2011

Casemates Exhibition 2011

@ Fredericton City Hall, Queen Street, corner of York. Opening is 5–6:30 pm, Wednesday, 5 October 2011. Exhibition runs 5 October to 30 November.

I don't know who has artwork in the exhibition but the artists in this year's Summer 2011 Artists in Residence were: Joanne Barfitt, Rita Sassani, Kristyn Cooper, Rachel Anne MacGillivray, Liz Demerson, Joe Blades, Deanna Musgrave, Sarah Petite, Oliver Flecknell, Meghan Billings, Derek Davidson, Andrew Miller, Brigitte Clavette, Leigh Merritt, Ian LeTourneau, Ruby Allan, Kristianne LeBreton, Jasmine Cull, Cris Colwell, Jeff Crawford, Stephanie Wierathmuller, David Brewer, Jana Reid, Marilyn Mazerolle, Katherine Moller, Danielle Lee, and Migueline Izaguirre.