23 February 2008

Found Photo du Jour

Found at 5:50 pm on Saturday, 23 Feb 2008, shoot day 05 of 10, in the "holding area" on the set of Diplomatic Relations (New Brunswick Filmmaker's Co-op) at York Plaza, 170 Main St, Fredericton, NB. Photo is reputed to be one of the Cohen brothers in the foreground with Moncton's Paul LeBlanc and crew in hair & makeup on the set of No Country for Old Men.

T-shirt: "New Brunswick Filmmaker's Co-op: 15 years of filmmaking: 1979-1994"
loc: postdiploshootdaywrap
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sound: The Cure Wild Mood Swing

16 February 2008

Found photo du jour

Found on the city information boards outside Tony'd Music Box on Queen Street opposite City Hall, at 6:57 pm Friday, 15 February 2008.

T-shirt: NSCAD
loc: fredcoldnite
temp: -16
sound: Robert Plant | Alison Krauss Raising Sand