24 February 2010

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 23 Feb 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

This episode featured the 2010 Aquinas Lecture at St Thomas University, Fredericton by Dr Simon Sparks, an assistant professor of philosophy at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia.

17 February 2010

Building a sustainable arts community in New Brunswick.

ArtsLink NB

20 Hazen Street

Saint John New Brunswick

E2L 5A5 Canada


Media Advisory/ Communiqué de presse
Feb 16/2010

Building a sustainable arts community in New Brunswick.

ArtsLink NB begins an exploration to join all province's artists and arts organizations.

Beginning February 17, 2010, ArtsLink NB will begin a search for all of New Brunswick's artists, including painters, writers, poets, performing artists, dancers, film and video makers, fine craft makers, potters, actors and more.

"Our goal is to have professional and emerging artists, arts organizations and supporters of the arts join ArtsLink NB and build a cohesive voice for the arts in New Brunswick. We are looking for artists from every discipline and every region," says Sandy MacKay, ArtsLink NB's Executive Director.

ArtsLink NB is offering artists, arts organizations and supporters a free one-year membership to actively engage them with this new provincial arts networking organization. The offer is open until June 30 2010, for the 2010/11 membership period.

"Our goal is to build a positive environment for the arts, in which artists and arts organizations can be sustainable. On average, a professional artist in New Brunswick earns approximately $15,642 annually and the majority of arts organizations operate in peril. This needs to change.

Traditionally, different disciplines of arts have worked in isolation. We believe that formally joining all of the arts together is the only way we can take the arts community to a new level in this province,to strengthen the cultural community and to develop the creative economy."

Through a series of forums, ArtsLink NB members will develop common goals and programs, including business and marketing workshops, mentoring, public awareness and arts education initiatives.

ArtsLink NB will reach out to the province's artists using public media, on-line resources, municipal events listings, organizations' newsletters, ArtsLink NB's website, www.artslinknb.com, facebook and twitter sites and popular indie artist sites like www.Feelsgood.ca.

Réunir les artistes.

ArtsLinkNB part à la recherche d'artistes individuels et d'organisations à vocation artistique.

C'est à partir du 15 février 2010 que ArtsLinkNB partira à la recherche des artistes néo-brunswickois - peintres, écrivains, artistes de la scène, cinéastes, artisans - pour les encourager à devenir membres de cette nouvelle organisation qui vise à créer un réseau et une voix collective pour la communauté artistique de la province.

« Notre but est d'attirer les artistes professionnels et émergents, les organisations à vocation artistique et les membres du public amateurs des arts, pour donner une voix collective à une communauté souvent dispersée », dit Sandy MacKay, directeur exécutif de ArtsLinkNB.

Pour encourager la participation des artistes et organisations culturelles, ArtsLinkNB propose, pour un temps limité (jusqu'au 30 juin 2010), l'adhésion gratuite valable pour un an.

« Nous voulons créer un environnement pour les arts, un réseau qui pourra faire avancer la prospérité des artistes, poursuit Sandy MacKay. En moyenne, un artiste professionnel au Nouveau-Brunswick ne gagne que $ 15,642 par année de son art, et la plupart des organisations à vocation artistique vivent au jour le jour. Pour assurer un avenir culturel et artistique de qualité, cette situation doit changer.

Jusqu'a presente, les différentes disciplines artistiques ont souvent été isolées les unes des autres. Nous sommes convaincus que la création d'un réseau d'artistes fort et cohérent est la meilleure façon d'assurer l'épanouissement de l'ensemble de la communauté artistique dans la province. »

ArtsLinkNB proposera des rencontres pour définir des objectifs et des programmes qui puissent répondre aux attentes et besoins des artistes: ateliers de comptabilité et de marketing, sensibilisation du public, conseils pratiques et artistiques, aide à rédiger des demandes de subvention, initiatives en matière d'éducation.

Pour atteindre la communauté artistique, ArtsLink NB se servira de tous les outils des "médias sociaux", y compris le site web de l'organisation www.artslinknb.com, facebook et twitter. Nous prévoyons aussi sont une série de rencontres dans différentes régions de la province, ainsi que des messages publicitaires à la radio et des communiqués de presse.

~ 30 ~

Contact: Sandy MacKay 506.977.1278 sandymackay@artslinknb.com

13 February 2010

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—Joe Blades © 2010.

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit, Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear

Beaverbrook Art Gallery to Launch Newest Publication on February 18, 2010

Fredericton, NB February 12, 2010---On Thursday, February 18 from 5-7PM the Beaverbrook Art Gallery will launch its latest publication, Nekt wikuhpon ehpit Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear, an exhibition catalogue written by curator and deputy director, Terry Graff, with accompanying essays by Susan Crean and Carol Taylor.

During the launch both Ms. Bear and Mr. Graff with be available to sign copies of the publication and speak about the creation of the publication which is a complement to a major exhibition of the same name which was exhibited at the Gallery last year. Like the exhibition, the catalogue is devoted to the life’s work of senior New Brunswick artist Shirley (minqwon-minqwon) Bear. Born in the Negootiook (Tobique) First Nation Community in 1936, Bear is a member of the Maliseet First Nation and an original member of the Wabanaki Language group of New Brunswick.

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear chronicles the sources, inspiration, and personal circumstances that have shaped Bear’s visual art, poetry, and political activism, and presents the integral relationship amongst these important activities in her life. Countering the invisible silent status ascribed to Aboriginal women by patriarchal history and convention, the artist’s primary focus is the recovery of the essential feminine role in the ancestral life of First Nations culture, and as a central, if repressed, part of the human story. It is filled with a variety of images of women, images that are sometimes symbolic, sometimes archetypal, and sometimes representative of actual women.

Shirley Bear’s art has been featured in several one-person and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe. She has curated various exhibitions related to First Nations issues, most notably Changers: A Spiritual Renaissance (1989), and is a recipient of the Excellence in the Arts Award from the New Brunswick Arts Board (2002). Her art is included in numerous private and public collections, including the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the National Arts Centre, the New Brunswick Art Bank, Carleton University, First Nations House of Learning at the University of British Columbia, and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. She has been profiled for film and television, by CBC, the National Film Board and independent producers in such films as Minqwon Minqwon and Kwa’Nu’Te by Cathy Martin, and Keepers of the Fire by Christine Welsh. Her writing is featured in several anthologies, such as Kelusultiek: original women’s voices of Atlantic Canada (Mount St. Vincent University, 1994) and The Colour of Resistance (Sister Vision Press, 1993). Her recent book of poems is titled Virgin Bones (McGilligan Press, 2007).

Bernard Riordon, Director and CEO of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery states,“Shirley Bear is one of New Brunswick’s most accomplished senior artists, and the Beaverbrook Art Gallery is pleased to feature her work with this beautiful and informative publication.”

Author Terry Graff, “There is much to glean from this modest sampling of Shirley Bear’s highly distinctive artistic production. Shirley teaches us about the vital link between art and life, the importance of claiming the power of one’s own mind, and the necessity of remembering the ancient knowledge of one’s ancestors. Her work occupies an important place for healing and empowerment, offering great hope and potential for positive societal change”.

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit Once there lived a woman: The Painting, Poetry and Politics of Shirley Bear is currently on sale at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery Shop. It retails for $19.95. There is, as always, a discount for Gallery members.

For more information please contact Adda Mihailescu at (506) 458-2032 or adda@beaverbrookartgallery.org


frags from the mirror


I am rebellious; I do not want to be this or that. Even scarier is the documented undertaking of claiming to identify the people in a particular field of interest/study/ practice as being charted in one sector/learning style over other ones. It smacks of control not understanding for the goal of assisting learning and cooperation.


Constructivist learning and teaching: this was not my introduction. I learn. You learn. Our learning builds upon our own and each others learning.

I have learned elsewhere that crazy stress like I have been experiencing is common during significant learning. Stress test results for the past year showed work-related stress off the top of the chart (not surprising considering my back-to-back job termination and apartment bldg fire and all the related); both non-work and chronic work-related stress were also high. No surprise to me.


As an adult learner, I feel that real goals, targets, objectives validate the effort committed by learners. Adults forced into retraining by, say, the economic collapse of the town giant—the mill, the mine, the factory, the institution—around which everything else developed and sustained itself, often find themselves in the difficult position of retraining for lower paying jobs than the one they previously held.

My personal goal in deciding to go to graduate school, something significantly more ambitious than a basic retraining, has been to get out of the cycle or rut I have been in. Going to graduate school in education should enable me to build upon my thirty years of arts experience and countless workshops and presentation in classrooms and elsewhere by extending my personal capacities and possibilities. I am trying to remake myself, based upon my lived experience, in someone more than just a poet–artist but into a more critically conscious and contributing educator.

I know there is considerable accommodating being done and to be done on my part but it pales in relation to the ache and turmoil I sometimes, but most definitely do not always feel, in my head and body as I process the volumes of material, concepts and theories in multiply courses simultaneously.

10 February 2010

10th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading and Poster Poem Exhibition

in conjunction with
The United Nation’s Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry,
World Poetry Day (March 21), World Water Day (March 22) and Mother Language Day (21 February)

Organized to foster tolerance, respect and cooperation among peoples

Theme: Transparency / Transparence / Transparencia

20 March 2010
10th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading and Poster Poem Exhibition
In conjunction with the
Fredericton Small Press Fair, including “Nuestro Espacio” display
Will take place at Gallery ConneXion, 440 York St,
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Organized by: Nela Rio, the Founder of International Multicultural–Multilingual Poetry Reading, with the support of Gallery ConneXion, revue ellipse mag, Broken Jaw Press, the Latin American Cultural Centre, Registro de Autores Creativos de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas, the Latino Association of New Brunswick, and the Capítulo de Fredericton de la Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía.

We invite you to join us for this 10th celebration

Previous celebrations, since 2000, have featured poets and members of the community reading in many languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Urdu, Turkish, Amharic, among others.

This event is open to the general public and admission is free.

Please include your name, postal address, email address, the text of your poem (use Time New Roman, 12 point). The poem should have 30 lines, maximum, including stanza breaks (this is for the purpose of printing it in a poster for exhibition at the event). We would also like permission to consider your poem for inclusion in a related anthology. Send this information to nelario@rogers.com before March 7th, 2010. Please note: this community event will not be paying artist or performance fees.

REGISTRATION FOR READERS. Read a poem from your favorite poet at this event. Please include your name, postal address, email address, the name and country of the author poet (use Time New Roman, 12 point). The poem should have 30 lines, maximum, including stanza breaks (this is for the purpose of printing it in a poster for exhibition at the event. Send this information to nelario@rogers.com before March 7, 2010.

Thank you very much,
Nela Rio

Unido a los programas de las Naciones Unidas
“Diálogo entre las naciones a través de la poesía”; Día Internacional de la Poesía;
Día Internacional del Idioma Materno

Recital organizado para promover tolerancia, respeto y cooperación entre la gente.

Tema 2010: Transparencia / Transparence / Transparency

El 20 de marzo, 2010
se celebrará
El X Recital Poético Multicultural y Multilingüe y la exposición de Poemas Póster
en el contexto de Fredericton Small Press Fair,
que incluye “Nuestro Espacio”
con presentaciones de libros que envíen los autores.
Los eventos tendrán lugar en
Gallery ConneXion,
440 York St, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Este evento está organizado por: la fundadora del International Multicultural–Multilingual Poetry Reading, Nela Rio, con el patrocinio de Latin American Cultural Centre, la Revista ellipse, la editora Broken Jaw Press, la Galería de Arte ConneXion, el Registro Creativo de la Asociación Canadiense de Hispanistas, la Asociación Latino de New Brunswick, y del Capítulo de Fredericton de la Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía.


INFORMACIÓN PARA POETAS: Enviar un poema, no más de 30 versos o líneas, usando Times New Roman. Incluir nombre y apellido; dirección postal y electrónica a Nela Rio: nelario@rogers.com antes del 7 de marzo, 2010. Se preparará un póster con el poema que se expondrá en las paredes del salón. Si está presente, leerá su poema. Oportunamente se le mandará un certificado de participación, vía electrónica.

INFORMACIÓN PARA LECTORES. Traiga al evento un poema de su autor favorito en cualquier idioma. Deberá registrarse mandando una nota por correo electrónico incluyendo su nombre, dirección postal, el nombre y el país del poeta elegido y el título del poema. Use Time New Roman, 12 point. El poema tiene que ser de 30 líneas, máximo. Envíe esta información a nelario@rogers.com antes del 7 de marzo, 2010.

Muchas gracias
Nela Rio

09 February 2010

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 9 Feb 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Tonight's show started with a live interview by host Joe Blades with poet/musician Jesse Patrick Ferguson (aka The Bard of Cornwall) discussing his first full-length poetry book Harmonics (Calgary: Freehand Books, Sept 2009, 6 x 9 paper 96 pp, ISBN 978-1-55111-960-1) including reading of poems and talk of an upcoming Canada-wide tour.

Next up was Tom Richmond's inverview of this afternoon with Winnipeg author/musician Margaret Sweatman (& Goose Lane publicist Susan Baker) in Fredericton on a cross-Canada tour to promote and read from her latest novel, The Players (Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions, 9780864925183, $22.95 Paperback, 332 pages, Published Sept, 2009)

Margaret Sweatman photo by Jay Gaune(Margaret Sweatman photo by Jay Gaune)

loftybridges: Education is not for the poor

Watermelon Slim: "I've got a Toothache"

Fredericton Arts News

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05 February 2010

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 2 Feb 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Groundhog Day • Imbolc • Candlemoesse

Live guest: Fred Stenson, UNB Writer-in-residence; author of numerous books of fiction, including The Trade and The Great Karoo (Anchor Canada), and nonfiction, including Things Feigned or Imagined: The Craft of Fiction (Banff Centre Press).

Evalyn Parry: "Love in the Greater Toronto Area Takes Public Transportation"

Steve Sauvé: "In the Movies nobody has morning breath", "Clarion Call (the geek poem)"

Fredericton Arts News