30 March 2010

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 30 mars 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

The STU Reader book launch 17 February 2010 with contributors--readers & editors including:
Christine MacLean
Michael O. Nowlan
Phillip Lee
Tony Tremblay
Kathy Mac
Dan Gleason
Russ Hunt
Doug Vipond

Patrick Woodcock: Farheng (in English and Kurdish)

Alexis O'Hara: (He Never) Mister

24 March 2010

A year ago today was a workday for me: part-time Art Bank Technician with the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport. I picked up a rental van at Budget with “my” work-required corporate AmEx card, loaded it, and went to Maryville Place.

My supervisor phoned my gnb-issued cell phone to request a meeting in late morning. I went not knowing what to expect. Unexpectedly, I was given notice that my contact was being terminated effective that day, 18 months to the day of when I started work there. They expected me to continue working through the afternoon, to refuel and return the rented van; to clear my personal possessions out of the office cubicle; and to return the government’s belongings (including keys, DOT fuel cards, work orders, and my security/ID/building access card) that afternoon—trusting that I would do the honourable thing rather than abandon everything and simply walk away.

While I had previously been wondering just how long I would have continued in that job with its long hours driving winter roads—risking my life for government-owned New Brunswick artists’ artworks—I had not expected abrupt termination.

Several months earlier I had made application to UNB’s School of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Education for the MEd program I am currently in. On March 24, 2009 I did not know the status on my application. I wondered whether I had sufficient work hours to be eligible for Employment Insurance? I wondered whether I should immediately look for another part-time or full-time job? I wondered if I could ramp up Broken Jaw Press, meet the due 15 April provincial publishers’ grant application deadline, and aim to apply in the autumn for reentry to the Canada Council for the Arts publisher programs?

A week later, on April Fool’s Day, I received my Certificate of Acceptance from UNB. Without the part-time government job, I wondered if I could consider attending UNB full-time?

Six days later my life was again turned upside down as I was made homeless, sidetracked, and intensely preoccupied by the fallout from a fire that destroyed the apartment building where I had lived for almost 11 years.

What would I do?

What … is Authoethnography?

23 March 2010

>Ashes, Paper & Beans: 23 mars 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Travesty Cafe PSA

Odd Sundays and Molly's

emcee: Allison Calvern

poet 1: Robert Gibbs (Fredericton)

poet 2: Phoebe Tsang (Toronto)

20 March 2010

Fredericton Small Press Fair: 20 mars 2010

Welcome to Spring!!!

Fredericton Small Press Fair including “Nuestro Espacio” display
20 March 2010
Doors open at 12 noon!

In association with World Poetry Day (21 March) and the 10th International Multicultural-Multilingual Poetry Reading and Poster Poem Exhibition, organized and founded by Nela Rio.

Sponsors include Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show, Broken Jaw Press, Capítulo de Fredericton de la Academia Iberoamericana de Poesía, and revue ellipse mag . . .

Vendors • Exhibitors • Readings • Workshop(s)
BlackTop MotorCycle Gang
Broken Jaw Press
Gallery ConneXion
Goose Lane Editions
NaNoWriMo Fredericton
Phoebe Tsang, poet
Qwerty magazine
Random Paper & Fabric
revue ellipse mag
Translation Live! workshop: Translating Sound into Poetry
and more …

5–8 pm, The 10th International Multicultural–Multilingual Poetry Reading & Poster Poem Exhibition
(86 poetas de 23 países)
In conjunction with the United Nation’s Dialogue Among Civilizations Through Poetry, Mother Language Day & World Poetry Day
Nela Rio, Founder and Organizer

Indie, small and micro-press publishers: books and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, artist multiples, artist books, broadsheets, postcards, zines, lit mags, literacy info & much more . . .

Location: Gallery ConneXion, 470 York St, Fredericton, NB.

Open Mic and scheduled readings may be recorded for broadcast on Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Art Show on CHSR 97.9 FM.

Exhibitor fees: tables $10 (full tables only). Payable to: BS Poetry Society, Box 596 Stn A, Fredericton NB E3B 5A6. Doors open @ 11 AM for exhibitor setup. Contact (506) 454-5127, joeblades@nb.aibn.com to reserve tables and readings.

Free things (info, publications, calls for submissions, etc.) can be mailed to us for the distribution table. The fair itself will not sell for folks who can’t make it, but if you can arrange for someone local (say, a UNB student) to represent you @ the fair that would be great!

15 March 2010

Landed, a Stairwell Dwellers production

The mocumentary short film, Landed, was written, filmed and edited within a 48 hour period by the Stairwell Dwellers team of ten people after receiving an “inspiration package” anonymously prepared by one of the other 11 teams in the Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition.

Landed is the story of an alien who crashed lands near Fredericton, and of the misadventures that befell him during his quest for fuel. The short comedic drama is framed inside an episode of a fictitious television program, The Panopticon. It consists primarily of an interview by Leonard Peck (Joe Ross) with the unnamed Alien (Joe Blades; Alien’s voice by Jared Mallard) and the Alien’s friend–interpreter (BronweN) with an artist’s re-enactment and flashbacks.

The 48 hour period began at 5 pm Friday, 12 March, 2010.

Stairwell Dwellers was led by two UNB MEd candidates, Matt Rogers (in Critical Studies) and Joe Blades (in Adult Ed). The rest of the crew consisted of high school teachers Matt has been working with, one youth from previous filmmaking pedagogy projects of Matt’s, BronweN (upon finding out that Joe Blades had/was in a team) and the partners of several of the crew.

All participating teams received an inspiration package prepared by another team. The package consisted of a “location”, an object, and a photograph—all of which must be used in the making of a short film under 10 minutes in length.

Stairwell Dwellers received “spaceship” as a location; a large 11" x 14" colour of someone on Team #1 as the photograph; and a green glove with dangling Easter egg-coloured fuzzy balls (a cat toy?) as the object.

The Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition will host a screening of all of the completed film on Tuesday, 16 March, starting at 7 pm, in MacLaggan Hall Theatre, 33 Dineen Drive, UNB–Fredericton. A The Gala Screenings of the top three films with awards presentation will happen on Sunday, 21 March, starting at 7 pm, at the Garrison District Ale House, Queen St, Fredericton.

10 March 2010

CHSR Barry Awards 2010

CHSR logo


Fredericton, NB

The Barry Awards take place on Saturday, March 27th, and you all are invited!

This is the way CHSR recognizes our programmers with an evening of fun and frolic, with entertainment, food, etc etc and since it is the countdown to our 50th anniversary, this will be a big one!

Below are the award categories, the shows and programmers that qualify. Check them out!

Everyone, whether a member or the listening public, can vote!
Email the numbers of your choices from the apropriate "members" or "listeners" lists below to Tom Richmond chsrpd@unb.ca, Program Director CHSR-FM


CHSR 2010 Barry Awards Members Choice Section: Voted on at Programming Committee

Best Spoken Word Program
1. News ( with Brad Perry)
2. Ashes Paper & Beans
3. Imagine Life
4. GG and QQ
5. Falls Count Anywhere
6. Nothing But Segway
7. Sportswire
8. Tech in the Mass Age
9. The Weird Show
10. Where Monsters Dwell

Best Specialty Program
11. Ashes Paper & Beans
12. Imagine Life
13. GG and QQ
14. Falls Count Anywhere
15. Nothing But Segway
16. Sportswire
17. Tech in the Mass Age
18. The Weird Show
19. Where Monsters Dwell
20. Diversions
21. Techno with Nado
22. The Doctor is Innocent
23. Bluegrass Fiesta
24. Nonymous Broadcasting
25. Musical Memories
26. The Diner
27. Strictly Hip-Hop
28. Sensory Overload
29. Going Home
30. Franol

Best Open Format Program
31. Neckties and Negligees
32. Last Waltz at the El Strato
33. Moonshine Mondays
34. The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan
35. Divers C.T.
36. Nonymous Broadcasting
37. Python's Paradise
38. Waiting for the Sun
39. Where the Wild Things Are
40. The Vinyl is Final
41. DownUnder with Auggy

Best Cultural Show
42. Going Home
43. Franol

44. News (with Brad Perry)
45. Sportswire
46. UNB VReds Hockey (Dave & Dave)
47. STU Womens Hockey (Jon Pickett)

Rookie of the Year
48. Nader Mirebrahim (Techno with Nado)
49. Alexandra Kress (Neckties and Negligees)
50. Chantal Ouelette (Imagine Life)
51. Jake Martin (The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan)
52. Ryan O'Toole (The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan)
53. Jorge Thieleu (The Doctor is Innocent)
54. Gustavo Chavez (The Doctor is Innocent)
55. Jon Pickett (STU Womens Hockey)
56. Kestin Broughton (Fat Cat Frat Chat)
57. Peter Tkalec (Last Waltz at the El Strato)
58. Scott Farris (Moonshine Mondays)
59. Tomi Gbeleyt (Rhythm & Roots)
60. Femi Tayo (Rhythm & Roots)
61. Rachel Cullins (GG and QQ)
62. Maribeth Glendenning (GG and QQ)
63. Nikkia Fulton (Where the Wild Things Are)
64. David MacMullin (Waiting for the Sun)
65. Fergus Baird (Guse plus Guests)
66. Allan Debertin (Other Side of the Tracks)
67. Alex Nowicki (Nothing but Segway)
68. Ray Harris (Nothing but Segway)
69. John Duke (Nothing but Segway)
70. Diane Cole (The Vinyl is Final)
71. Dave MacDonald (The Vinyl is Final)
72. Alex Wickwire (The Sportswire)
73. Matt Roberson (The Sportswire)
74. Sarah Olsen (The Three Way)
75. Kathleen Taylor (The Three Way)
76. Lara Cross (The Three Way)
77. Nick Gallant (Tech in the Mass Age)
78. Marcus Torreville (Sensory Overload)
79. Hughes Montminy (Franol)

Behind the Scenes
80. Jesse Russell
81. Ricky

Special Events Broadcasting
82. Jesse Russell (Highland Games)
83. Tristis Ward (Highland Games)
84. Mark Kilfoil (Highland Games)
85. Joe Blades (Highland Games)
86. Najat Abdou-McFarland (Highland Games)
87. Adrian Park (Highland Games)
88. Ryan Johnston (Highland Games)
89. Nicki Fulton (Highland Games)
90. Kathy Moulton (Highland Games)
91. Jon Pickett (AUS Womens Hockey Finals)

------EVERYONE and THE PUBLIC can vote for these awards below ----

CHSR 2010 Barry Awards Listeners Choice section:

Favourite Cultural Show
92. Going Home
93. Franol

Favourite Music Show
94. Caffene
95. Diversions
96. Techno with Nado
97. The Doctor is Innocent
98. Bluegrass Fiesta
99. Nonymous Broadcasting
100. Musical Memories
101. The Diner
102. Strictly Hip-Hop
103. Sensory Overload
104. Going Home
105. Franol
106. Neckties and Negligees
107. Last Waltz at the El Strato
108. Moonshine Mondays
109. The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan
110. Divers C.T.
111. Nonymous Broadcasting
112. Python's Paradise
113. Waiting for the Sun
114. Where the Wild Things Are
115. The Vinyl is Final
116. DownUnder with Auggy
117. Going Home
118. Franol

Favourite Spoken Word Show
119. News ( with Brad Perry)
120. Ashes Paper & Beans
121. Imagine Life
122. GG and QQ
123. Falls Count Anywhere
124. Nothing But Segway
125. Sportswire
126. Tech in the Mass Age
127. The Weird Show
128. Where Monsters Dwell

Favourite Host
129. Nader Mirebrahim (Techno with Nado)
130. Alexandra Kress (Neckties and Negligees)
131. Chantal Ouelette (Imagine Life)
132. Jake Martin (The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan)
133. Ryan O'Toole (The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan)
134. Jorge Thieleu (The Doctor is Innocent)
135. Gustavo Chavez (The Doctor is Innocent)
136. Jon Pickett (STU Womens Hockey)
137. Kestin Broughton (Fat Cat Frat Chat)
138. Peter Tkalec (Last Waltz at the El Strato)
139. Scott Farris (Moonshine Mondays)
140. Tomi Gbeleyt (Rhythm & Roots)
141. Femi Tayo (Rhythm & Roots)
142. Rachel Cullins (GG and QQ)
143. Maribeth Glendenning (GG and QQ)
144. Nikkia Fulton (Where the Wild Things Are)
145. David MacMullin (Waiting for the Sun)
146. Fergus Baird (Guse plus Guests)
147. Allan Debertin (Other Side of the Tracks)
148. Alex Nowicki (Nothing but Segway)
149. Ray Harris (Nothing but Segway)
150. Diane Cole (The Vinyl is Final)
151. Dave MacDonald (The Vinyl is Final)
152. Alex Wickwire (The Sportswire)
153. Matt Roberson (The Sportswire)
154. Sarah Olsen (The Three Way)
155. Kathleen Taylor (The Three Way)
156. Lara Cross (The Three Way)
157. Nick Gallant (Tech in the Mass Age)
158. Marcus Torreville (Sensory Overload)
159. Hughes Montminy (Franol)
160. Adrian Park (Diversions)
161. Andrew Miller (Re:Sound)
162. Mark Fisher
163. Micah O'Donnell
164. Emily Bosse (The Weird, the Beard & the Vegan)
165. Christian Theriault (Divers C.T.)
166. Greg Gilbert (Python's Paradise)
167. Drew McConnell (Falls Count Anywhere)
168. Travis Burns (Falls Count Anywhere)
169. Fred Bonenfant (Falls Count Anywhere)
170. Mike Campbell (Where Monsters Dwell)
171. Remy MacFarlane (Where Monsters Dwell)
172. Ryan Howard (Where Monsters Dwell)
173. Mike Augustine (DownUnder with Auggie)
174. Jesse Russell (Tech in the Mass Age)
175. Christoper Collins (Sensory Overload)
176. Mark Kilfoil (Caffene! and The Weird Show)

09 March 2010

Ashes, Paper & Beans: 9 mars 2010

CHSR logoAshes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton’s Writing & Arts Show
Producer–Host: Joe Blades
Sunday rebroadcast, 1–2 PM
CHSR 97.9 FM, www.chsrfm.ca
Fredericton, NB, Canada

Hilary Peach: Suitecase Local CD

Lone Cloud: Rita Joe poem "I Lost My Talk"

Alex Boutros & Karla Sundstrom: Chic Alors

Fluffy Pagan Echoes: Sound Poem

Terance Cox: Of Glory in the Flower

Ralph Alfonso: This is For the Night People