19 July 2006

APB, 18 July 2006

The station program logs last night showed yesterday's date as Tuesday, 17 July 2006. Maybe I was in an alter-verse?

Was a very simple show. Three pieces:
Henry Rollins stand-up comedy-rant "No One is Fax Exempt"
Mary Elizabeth Grace poem "Madda Madda Rose"
Sean Virgo short story "Bolt"

Only two more live episodes of Ashes Paper and Beans scheduled, plus a Scottish Ashes Paper and Beans special program 7-8 pm, Friday, 28 July as part of this year's Highland Radio marathon broadcast by CHSR 97•9 FM for the 25th Annual New Brunswick Highland Games and Scottish Festival here in Fredericton.

As of 8 August, Ashes Paper and Beans episodes from the archives will be broadcast for who know how long, or until I'm able to resume being live [On Air].

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