12 July 2006

ABP, 11 July 2006

Second show of the month, another day with thunderstorms.

I'm too tired from last of sleep the previous night and from the ongoing high heat and humidity to be lively on Ashes, Paper & Beans. Started the show with Michal Lally's long poem "Where Do We Belong" followed by Gerry Shikatani's "Wish (for bp)".

Second half of the show started with "Rush Hour", the title track from the CD by Catherine Hunter followed by tracks from Carnivocal: A celebration of sound poetry (Omnikron & Red Deer, 1999): bill bissett "Opening Chant" • Stephen Cain, from: "Alpha Bites, A Primer, Rhinoceros, Pome for Viktor Shklovsky" • W. Mark Sutherland, "On Dissecting the Larynx", "Hiroshima" • Nobuo Kuboto and W. Mark Sutherland, "Lullaby for Kurt Schwitters" • Verbomotorhead, "Fat Summer".

shirt: SFRJ
temp: 19
loc: uncomCtr
sound: Never Mind the Pollocks Here's the Histrionics (Darren Knight Gallery & Revolver–Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, 2003)

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