17 August 2005

Will He, or, Won't He?

How Can I Blog When the Keyboard's Not Conected?

The big question is Jar. Whether Jar will cut and run before the wedding. Anything to not have to be in the same place as his family. Cut and run. He could claim to be sick. Claim to have to work. It's not his wedding, but the wedding of a cousin of his. Jar says he's renting a car on Friday and driving down the Miramichi, leaving Fredhilarious at 3 pm. Leaving for Frederection immediately after the wedding. Not staying there.

I've never seen Jar behind the wheel of anything . . . on his bicycle wearing foam flip-flops on his feet, behind the bar, on the scaryoke microphone, buying food . . . but never, ever driving a vehicle.

Maybe I should look into renting a car myself. A car for the three-day triangulation of Freddown-Blackville-Moncton. Leave Friday afternoon, return to F'ton on Sunday afternoon. Wedding and Canadian poetry in between. A car might be better than a bus, train, and bus (again) combo for the three legs of the weekend. Better than being stood up by a cousin of the bride just for a ride to the wedding, or thumbing on the road . . .

How can I roll, if the wheels don't go?

T-shirt: Pennsic XXXII
Location: Frednight
Temp: 18 C, stars, an almost full moon
Sounds: Bif Naked, I BIficus

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Liz said...

I vote for the rent a car. I want one too.