25 August 2005

The Alleged Desk

police sketch of The Alleged Desk
Yes, the desk is done. Came into being at the stroke of midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

It has already taken on a life of its own—comm support services for the wool, yarn, red clay, porcelain and sundries (both mundane and known).

Approach with caution or when backing up: objects on the web may appear larger than life.

T-shirt: camouflage (contract-134421)
temp: 14 C
loc: br'k'n comm centre
sound: computer fan at 2500 rpm, keypad, cars on the street, no crows, no robins, no songbirds . . .


Liz said...

it seems to be working just fine as well.despite the extra shiny bits

Unknown said...

What? No birds? What's up with that?

Joe Blades said...

under the weather?

Dudleyspinner said...

I enjoyed reading about the computer desk. Reading about it was probably much more enjoyable than being in the middle of the pile of shiny bits and wondering where does this one go?