21 August 2005

More paparazzi pics

Stacy Underhill Examines something @ Rye's, Fredericton, 16 aug 2005Stacy Underhill examines something very, very tiny in her hand while @ Rye's, Fredericton, on Tuesday (before the wedding), 16 Aug 2005.

Claude After the Drive to BarnettvilleClaude laughing after his Rolaids-aided drive to Barnettville.

Wedding setting + official wedding photographer seen  thru Darleen's Bathroom Window
Wedding setting + Grace, the official wedding photographer, as seen thru Darleen's bathroom window.

shirt: ". . . still hurts a lot."
temp: 20 C
loc: Freddarkroom
sound: U2, Achtung Baby


Liz said...

look at that sexy Jar jar would ya!

Unknown said...

I know! Did ya see the other one? Where he's coming for the camera? Way cool!