24 August 2005

Reply to an "URGENT!" query

To my mind, a query or expectation to publish drama, your plays, does not require an "URGENT!" subject line or setting in your email to me. As far as I know, we don't know each other. That makes it far less urgent for me.

We are not a contract publisher. Though, on a for-hire basis, I could design and see a book or other project through production. I operate a very small one-person, Canadian, independent literary publishing house.

With an aol.com email address, you are most likely to be an American writer based in the USA. I have not published any single-author titles written by Americans. In fact, in 20 years of publishing the press has released only one title authored by a non-Canadian (and what we published in that instance was actually a Canadian's translation).

If by chance you are a Canadian playwright, you might want to visit the website where our submission guidelines are posted. You got our email address from somewhere. That source likely had more info or even a hot link to the website. This note does not. Best wishes for you and your plays.


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Unknown said...

Snarky! ;-) Damn American Playwrights.

Liz said...

you tell 'em

Joe Blades said...

Had other queries yesterday . . .

"Frankly, we're not actively looking at this time, and we've not published a book author wholly by a non-Canadian since 1994."
—reply to a UK author query

"Sadly, we do not currently have a magazine and there's no open anthologies in the works. Sorry."
—reply to an itinerant peddler of short stories