13 August 2005

Seaforth's 200th Birthday Party

Party/dance, an afternoon ceilidh, moved from the road into the community hall. Later, a pub night here with Joe Murphy, local in-the-community musician. I'm in the basement of the community hall, underneath the dancefloor. My parents are upstairs, sitting down. There's a square of chairs against the wall facing in. I spied Roland Marshall across the hall, poet and painter, that I've known since my BS Poetry Society days in Halifax and went over to talk. That's how I ended up in the Seaforth C@P Site centre using this computer.

Hall windows overlook the fog shrouded saltmarsh. Old-time waltzes, foxtrots, Virginia reels and more for the floor, dancers very young & very old, fewer in between, on the boards. Fun and laughter setting up the Virginia reel—equal number lines of males and females—all ages. Gordie on fiddle, also the caller. Have to get back upstairs. Get my free hot dog. Have some offline fun!

Shirt(s): still Syliboy whale and blue & white stripes
Location: Seaforth Community Hall C@P Site Access Centre, NS
Temp: 17 C, warm fog
sound: live fiddle & guitar—Gordie Stobbe and guest fiddlers (one young & new—Lance Hicks, and one from Lawrencetown), two guitarists—in the hall upstairs

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