11 August 2005

Nail (belt) got me

By 8 am this morning I'm back home. Back from biking up Forest Hill Road and finally delivering my artist envelope of stuff that should have been received on Monday. I was a wimp oon Monday. Didn't want to climb that hill on bicycle in 40º Celsius humidex sun.

Tuesday's weather was no better. Decided that I could possibly roll over there in the evening after biking up to CHSR for my show. Then bike from Aitken Centre parking onto the ex-TCH and down the air break hill and take the off ramp before Princess Margaret Bridge. Good plan. Efficient use of energy. I rode up York Street, across the former marshalling yards for the train station, and out onto Beaverbrook. Crossed Regent Street with the lights, an eye always on the drivers to my left. Almost made it to my turn up Tweedsmuir when I heard a psizzzzz and felt the rear tire go flat. Almost at UNB, I walked to campus and chained the bike outside the physics/engineering bldg. My plans foiled.

Yesterday mornning, I walked the bike (it needed the exercise) to SkiWolf and left it there for repair. Liz and I walked up to the StupidStore to make 8 x 10 enlargements of two photos I'd taken at Pennsic XXXII to give as a Happy Trails! Safe Journey! Farewell! to friends transferred to Pet, ON. All afternoon given to framing the photos and devising packing so they'll be safe in the car on the drive to Ontario.

Finally got back to SkiWolf after 4 pm. Matt said a nail got me. [I jokingly suspect that it was Kate's accomplices ;-) with an invisible nail belt and not B. taking potshots that got the tire . . . "a nail", sure.]

With my trusty SCA steed back between my legs, I was finally able to scoot at get the photocopies made. Then dashed to the Fred library to sign out a CD that DJ Violet I wanted for her Prisoner's Justice Day special broadcast program Letters from Prison on CHSR. CD was BB King Live at San Quentin. I delivered it to her at work.

T-shirt: Ruminator Review: "One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures."—George W. Bush, President
Location: Fredcase
Temp: 20º Celsius , overcast
Soundscape: Zachary Richard, Cap Enragé

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Liz said...

sniff, they're gone. Miss em like crazy. gotta get me a car, need to visit Ontario.