02 August 2005

The Lost First Blog

[NOTE: This had been posted for mere minutes before being copied, saved and removed and the "Broke Joe" blogspot deleted because of the problem described in "Lost in Waiting". I don't even recall what this post's original title was. When I got home, I signed on and created this here "Broken Joe" blogspot.]

Looked at the massing grey and black clouds upriver and put off going for a bike ride. It so felt like messy rain was coming.

Worked all day on emails; on directional notes (replies to their questions on stuff in my River Suite and Casemate Poems) to my two Serbian translators—Vesna and Dubravka; and started work on a grant application to get my ass to Serbia for the book launches in October.

Nuked some tofu chili, that I'd made and froze back in May, for a fast supper while watching live disaster coverage on tv: an A340 that, after landing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto, rolled off the end of the runway, crashed into a ravine, and caught on fire. Bad scene all around. Weird thing was that Fredericton and Toronto had exactly the same weather simultaneously: 23 Celsius, thunder, lightning, heavy rain.

Couldn't stick around to watch more of the bad news because I had to bike uphill to CHSR and do my radio show. So weird doing a poetry and writing show again during a big accident. Last time was when I interviewed author John Stiles live on air at CHSR on the evening of 11 September 2001.

Highlights of tonight's Ashes, Paper & Beans were a Susan Rendell short story "The Way to Get Home" read by Deidre Gillard-Rowlings and some great slam poems by Steve Sauvé from Ottawa. Then it was bike downhill to drop off a film at the StuporStore and over to Liz's (where I'm writing this while she's doing craft council board business on the telephone).

Fish or cut bait time: I've finally committed a blog.


Kellie said...

I couldn't do anything on Sept 11th. I just stopped, shell-shocked. Can't imagine doing book radio. I'd be interested to hear that particular program.

Broken Joe said...

Yesterday's blog posting "A little more of the story: 11 Sept 2001" was first written as a comment here but I later felt it would be better placed in the main.