21 August 2005

Paparazzi @ the wedding in Barnettville

Stacy and her dad - by Joe Blades 19 June 2005Stacy and her dad (out for the wedding photographer before the ceremony).

Al, Stacy, and the bike - by Joe Blades 19 June 2005Al, Stacy, and the bike.

Al, Stacy, and the wedding cake-by Joe Blades 2005Al and Stacy cutting the wedding cake.

Stacy and the wedding cake-by Joe Blades 2005 - by Joe Blades 19 June 2005.Stacy eyes her piece of wedding cake.

Underhill Girls with the Wine - by Joe Blades 19 June 2005.Underhill girls with wine in the dooryard.

I've made it back from the Barnettville Road with paparazzi films processed and printed yesterday in Moncton. It's tough to choose which ones to post.

t-shirt: "That which does not kill us . . ."
Temp: 21, muggy
Loc: Fredtown
Sound: B.B. King, Live at San Quentin


Anonymous said...

Joey baby...you're killing me here! The cake picture? Did you HAVE to post the cake picture?

The pic of me & Dad is nice.

I'll get you back. Have camera, will travel.

Joe Blades said...

I'm supposed to be scared? A single camera surprise or flocks of foul-smelling cameras chasing me through my days and nights . . .

Anonymous said...

foul-smelling cameras...interesting.

Joe Blades said...

hiding in bushes and rolling on the ground in who knows what . . .