13 August 2005

15 Minute Stop in Amherst

I made it onto the eastbound bus today. After days of wine and music, slow Joe goes by Sackville Cab to the Irving just off the Trans-Can. "There be dragons, the belly of the beast." The big drops splattering the toxic sludge deception painted on the driveway become serious T-rain as we wait for the bus from Monkeyton.

Woman with granddaughter runs inside the Mainway, resigned frustration in her voice, "Nice morning, isn't it?"
"Sure is. Great rain."
"We're supposed to be having a yard sale. Great weather for that!"
"Wonderful weather if your yard's inside."
"It's not."
"Oh, well. Best of luck, anyway."



There's three or possibly four Acadian buses converged in the Amherst Irving parking lot. The closest one is PEI bound and those going there must transfer off this bus now. Without a car or truck, I'm resigned, even accepting of travel by bus.

here I am, on the road again

Kellie wants me to commit. To commit to being at Stacy's no longer shotgun wedding in Blackville this coming Frievening. Wants me cast in the role of wedding photographer (alternative, not official, understudy, or pinch hitter): paparazzi José of The Wedding Channel. Want's me to bring CDs, even mix some music for after the family band . . .

on the road out of limbo
on the road to perdition

So much opportunity. . . Just how involved do i want to get, to be? Is it too much? Over the top? 'Zillas gone wild! Think and talk on Tuesday next. Lunch @ Rye's. Jar, the Claude, working . . . can we gather together?

the road is long
it'll get me there
it goes nowhere
traffics in motion
hums its travellin' song

Shirt(s): humpback whale petroglyph T by Alan Syliboy/Red Crane Enterprises of Millbrook; blue & white stripy long sleve (BD Baggies)
Temp: teens, cool, t-shower rain
Loc: Acadian bus 5577-47, Irving parking lot, South Albion Rd, Amherst, NS
Soundtrack: Pocket Dwellers, Digitally Organic


Unknown said...

Looking for your committment? Moi? No pressure coming from my way. It's all up to you, mister slow Joe. Whatever you want to do . . . involvement, no involvement . . . attendance, no attendance . . . lights, camera, action! You decide. Of course, you'll get my full support, whichever way you go.

Joe Blades said...

me paparazzi can do. no official.

Liz said...