21 August 2005

On the bus

The bus ride back to Fred was an overflow bus, the second of three on the run this evening. Spent the entire trip talking with a 16-yr-old Greek-Canadian girl just moved with her mom from Riverview (where Dad still lives) to Fredericton to continue high school @ FHS. Works at the (S)obey(s) store on Prospect St, cashier. Usually on 6-midnight. Likes the shift and the regulars. Only 16, she can handle and sell cigarettes, ask for proof of age ID, but can't legally buy cigs herself. Job probation period almost over. Despite proximity, there are no high school students working at the Sobeys, just olders that invite her to bars and such> Just had her tongue pierced yesterday by girl at Krystal Blade on rue Main in Moncton. Tongue is two layers of muscle with dead skin in between. Pulled out, camped and pierced with a hollo-tip needle as quice as that. Hot feeling on the underside. Piercing with barbell stud only $34.95. Antinfection solution, $5, to be taken next 2-7 days along with Tylenol until tongue swelling goes down. Wants dreds, tatts ... Brother has a tatt (and her father's fine with that even though tatts are permanent, piercings not. Take the basrbell out and the hole would close over in days. Mother has tats & piercings, and is going to the Stones concert. This girl plans to take dance (the dream career, despite being short and so not willowy) at Dance Fred ('cause daunce isn't offered at Riverview High. Art was good there. Music too: keyboards in G-9, guitar in G-10.) Practical training is courses toward nursing. Biology, etc. Has to work tomorrow. Can't have eyebrow or nose piercings for work. Tongue okay, as long as not played with. Shouldn't be seen. Hopes swelling goes down more overnight. Have to be able to say: "Hi, how are you today?" "Did you find everything you were looking for?" "Do you collect Air Miles?"

shirt: "Quod nos non necat ..."
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