03 August 2005

Look, see here

I guess I’m still young. here thinks so. I just finished a telephone interview with their Brent MacDonald. Questions to colour the info pulled from my website for a piece of an article/feature they’re doing on, ulp, “young leaders in New Brunswick.” Questions about Broken Jaw Press, SpareTime Editions, Maritimes Arts Projects Productions, and questions about me. We’ll see what they do. See who else they put on the WANTED poster. ’Least they didn’t sent the paparazzi around.

Questions that made me think. Made me want to run. To hop on my bicycle and pedal furiously out of the city to nowhere in the country, to the real land. Go to ground. But I had just returned from a bike ride to get my body awake and my blood circulating in time to do the interview. Instead, I think I’ll go take a shower and wash the stink off me.

Anyway, the article will be in next Thurday’s here, 11 August, online and in print throughout the province. Might be good. Might damage my reputation . . . me, a leader?

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