22 August 2005

Day Off Day

Photograph medley matted in large gold coloured frames. Rosewood stained easels up the centre aisle. Service to be at 2 pm. Black and all the colours of mourning showing up. White unmaked car from McAdam's outside the church's front door. PLEASE No Parking FUNERAL sandwich boards across the parking lot entrance. Reserved for immediate family? Mourners needing a cigarette before they enter the hall, the ceremonial chamber of rememberance and offering of the dearly departed . . . Black dress suits, white shirts, dark ties on many men. Other people caught in work or vacation clothes this quiet Monday Monday . . .

[On York Street they're spraypainting the yellow centre line.]

shirt: Picaroon's Mug Club '96
temp: 26 C
loc: Fredfuneraltv
sound: Treble Charger, Maybe it's Me


Joe Blades said...

At 2:46, while the memorial service is happening, a goth black haired hairdressing student (likely from the school that back onto the funeral home on my so lively city bloc) and a boy, possibly her boyfiend, or a fellow student, come round the corner from York Street onto George. Both are carrying two heads in their hands—shades of Atilla the Hun. Heads with dos—one a mass of blonde wedding curls. They pass between church and hearse. I wonder if they black cat walked or if their do heads freed up the spirit if there be one. What the people inside the stone don't see and don't know . . .

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