21 April 2010

ce 9: Senta, Srbjia

Gone arty just like the photographer I am, this photo taken through a glass brick.

reka tisa is higher today
a gravel barge pushes upriver
under the cream of mushroom
coloured train and roadway bridge
suddenly lilac almost in bloom
a cordon bleu lunch special
and i am out of jail again

Guernica-like murals in the Hotel Royal, done in the 1960s by artists Jozsef Acs (1914-1990) and Joszef Benes (1930- ). Depicts the 11 Sept 1697 Battle of Senta where the Austrian army defeated the invading Turks.

The same artists did this artwork now in the hotel's Reception area. It depicts an environmental art phenomenon that's unique: the flower of the Tisa. In Senta, in mid June, thousands of yellow—green butterflies curiously rise out of the water simultaneously—like a patch of flower blossoms opening to the sun—to mate and then die, all in a span of hours. It has been the subject of poems, and I believe that there is poetry in Hungarian incorporated in the artwork.

One of the hotel staff in reception showed me a slide show of photos of his of a recent year's (last year's?) "flower of the Tisa". It would be an amazing thing to experience ... sometime.


Jackie said...

I believe that I saw a video of the clouds of butterflies on the BBC Earth series maybe? It was amazing!

Joe Blades said...

Supposedly, this phenomenom only happens in one spot on the Tisa and one on a river in China.