30 April 2010

ce 12: photos from Kragujevac

A week afterward, I've received photos for my host, Radmila, and from the American Corner, for the reading–talks given there on World Book day, 23 April 2010.

Joe at the podium. I never even noticed the men on the walls when there. Wonder if they're University of Kragujevac presidents or ...? Wonder if there were any significant women represented there?

Some of the student audience, all sitting several rows back, at the U of Kragujevac.

Getting ready for my talk/reading at the American Corner Kragujevac.

Reading from my handmade mock up of the forthcoming book, Casemate Poems (Collected) (Ottawa: Chauriere).

With the USA flag to the west of me, just as the State of Maine is to the west of me when I'm in Fredericton.

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