29 September 2006

Daily Gleaner 1865

I took these photos in Fredericton, likely while walking to UNB and CHSR to do my radio show on 4 April before I flew to Budapest.

I noticed a piece of clapboard missing from the side of a house on the corner of George and Carleton streets. Saw newspaper where the board was missing. On closer look saw that it was newspaper from spring of 1865, two years before the creation of the Dominion of Canada. A long time for it to be on the side of a house, to be the house wrap of the day during construction and to still be there. Said something about the quality of insullation in that house. [But I am currently in a house with one- to two-foot thick brick and mortar walls, with an equally bad crawlspace excuse for a badement.]

My camera can take close-up shots. I got a few that show readable details of that newspaper. This one has classified ads for fish products and grocery supplies.

American Clock and garden seed available for purchase by one and all.

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Jackie said...

Too funny! I've seen this type of thing before in Thomas Hardy's cottage in The yorkshire dales years ago. At least I think that it was Thomas Hardy place. I'm sure that I could locate my journal and find out if given a few minutes and the inclination, but, in any case, There was one back room that was papered in several layers and varnished if memory serves me. Very cool. In more ways than one.

Clifford Duffy said...

that's quite the find_ Joe.. it's a visual poem of text all by itself...