04 October 2006

Thursday's Bike Ride

Finally close enought to see a train approach the bridge over the reka Tisa. This one a short one of liquid tank cars carrying I-don't-know-what. The only passenger "train" that I've seen, and it from a distance across town, was smaller than an old CN dayliner on the Annapolis Valley run. Looked to be the size of a transit bus on the tracks.

From the east side of the Tisa, this is Csardas kaffe bar where we were on several weekends.

One of the crazy big willow trees on reka Tisa's floodplain.

Even from atop the riverside dyke, the bounty and colour of these grapes is unmistakable.

The arse-end of the farming hamlet of Sanad. It's a little over 4 km upriver for the Senta bridge. Garbage dumb and logs from a cutting on the floodplain.

On the edge of the town of Coka are vinyards and winery of "Vinoprodukt Coka". The harvest was happening as I cycled past. Some of the women, with laughter, called out to me from were they were resting in the shade of tractos and wagons piled high with purple-red grapes. Bottled, the stores in Senta sell it for about 180-187 dinars ($3 CDN). I'll buy one to try it.

T-shirt: Mojo Klub
Loc: SKS offices
temp: 24, sunny/partly cloudy
sound: Wonderful Madness

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