31 October 2006

Broken Jaw @ Beograd Book Fair 2007

Yes, folks, Joe Blades made it to his third consecutive Beograd Book Fair. Another hot weather week with temps often in the high 20s C outside and warmer in the trade show halls. The Canada Stand was again a great success. It's an incredible commitment and dedication of embassy staff and resources to make everything happen.

The participating Canadians authors & their book translators, publishers, and adminstrators, along with a large number of pubishers from countries of the former Yougoslavia, the Beograde Book Fair Council, and more ever invited to a gathering at the Canadian Ambassador (Robert McDougall) official residence. [Note the date typo in lower section—BJ]

Joe Blades, publisher and poet, and Olgica Marinkovic, Academic and Cultural Officer at the Embassy of Canada in Beograd, Serbia, during Broken Jaw's presentation in the Canada Stand on Friday, 27 October 2006.

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