16 October 2006

from yesterday's journal entry

why put ketchup overtop of a cooked pizza?

no bedsheets in the open market
time to visit a china shop
or the town's one 2nd-hand store
pots plates cutlery bowls cups glasses
lamp towels power bars sponges
clothes pins toilet paper food
pillows and pillow cases blankets
alarm clock or mobile-cell phone
shower curtain toilet bowl brush
sunday morning woke up first
time in different old sofa bed
same town different street
different neighbour sounds
barking dogs but not the same dogs
new orientation on town hall clock
and in hour half hour ringings
new arrangement of church bells
no phone no television no alarm clock
head to the east blood pulled/pushed
toward wool socked big feet
different rooster sings same old song
first use of stove: turkish coffee
filling a canada flag mug
live on a old roman road
joe a milk chocolate covered
wafer snack bar by nestlé
could of had a johny cash beer
for breakfast and one more for desert
have a few clean shirts socks
towels but not other pants
closer to the train tracks
running through senta town

T:shirt: SFJR
loc: Ivo Lole Ribar br 23A
temp: 15 C
sound: Junior Brown Long Walk Back

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