21 October 2006

A home, da.

still don’t have a kitchen sink
the loaner stove works great
the doorbell has been repaired
blinds were installed on “cold” room’s window
have a nokia mobile phone and charger
have a cellphone number
have a dining room/worktable
two plastic patio chairs
four wood table chairs
one stuffed ottoman chair
one ochre-velvet sofa-bed
one ex-paintball klub “beer” fridge
one upright wardrobe
three “Puka Funny Love” enamel pots
four plates
one frying pan
two cups and a mug
three juice/pivo glasses
six rakija glasses
coffee pot
an ol’ clothes washer (in exchange
for english conversation lessons)
bottle opener and canada flag on wall

T-shirt: Bagad Kelc’h Keltieg Kombrid
loc: I.L. Ribarar 23A
temp: 11 C, mostly clear night
sound: Tricky & DJ Muggs & Grease “Scrappy Love”

1 comment:

jackie said...

Home sweet home! Really nice floors.