18 October 2006

Corn cribs

Second time I came to Serbia, in October 2005, I started seeing these corncob cribs in house and farm yards as I rode shotgun in a minivan full of people bound for the YACS conference at Niški univerzitet. Often very close to the house, along with the woodpile, these cribs are hight enough off the ground to prevent most unwanted animals getting to the corn. [There doesn't seem to be a squirrel population here like we have in much of Canada, because they would have a feast here.] Most corn cribs are all wood. This one, with its metal pole frame is for a backyard chicken coop in Senta.

Close-up of the crib wall and its dried corncobs. It will stay here, in the open air, all winter with the pile dwindling as it gets fed to the pigs, geese, turkes, chickens . . .

One of the motorised devices that's caught my attention are these stripped-down motors with almost Easy Rider handlebars (usually more so than on this one), a seat (usually salvaged from another vehicle), and some sort of storage box behind the seat. They're usually seen in people's farm yards or on the roads loaded high with hay, or corn, or garbage, or construction supplies. Doesn't seem to be much of a motor for its work.

T-shirt: Mojo Club
loc: Adjanska 14
temp: 16 C, sunny
sound: some American movie on HBO (HU dub)

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