11 October 2006

bus to Novi Sad

@ 07:45 I should be on a bus from Pale to Novi Sad. Wish me luck! I still have to manage to buy the ticket and find the right bus. At the moment, Pale has little more than a convenient pulloff for autobuses. Its capacity is greatly exceeded by the volume of buses that start and end their routes here filled with students, workers, and shoppers, or autobuses that pass through Pale on their Sarajevo to somewhere routes. A new, proper autobusova stancia is being build. This will be my first time crossing the Serbia-Bosnia border not in the UIS faculty van with Zeljko at the wheel. I hope that I will not be questioned in Serbian . . .

T-shirt: VII Nyari Ifjusagi Jatakok
loc: Pale, BiH
temp: 4 C
sound: arrival of the bldg cleaning ladies


Unknown said...

A little scary. Good luck!

Joe Blades said...

With dumb luck I missed the intended bus, despite being there, waiting, a good 30 minutes beforehand. Didn't know I had to take one marked Beograd then change buses down the road. Didn't know the bus or busline I was looking for (and still don't) but, with a little hand gesturing at buses, I ended up on an old beater of a later bus bound for Beograd. Ticket man said Pale-Sabec-Novi Sad and collected 22 KM fare from me. I had me doubts but at least was heading in the right direction . . . It worked! In Slepecvic the bus pulled into a restoran parking lot with two other buses. Man pointed at the bus in front and said Novi Sad. Two of us hopped up and boarded that much better bus with two drivers who tag-teamed. Arrived in NS with time to buy a ticket for the 15:00 to Senta. Arrived there at 17:00 hungry for a meal, a seat that didn't move, a beer.

Jackie said...

Glad you made it!