05 October 2006

Technical Difficulties

I’ve become intermittent with my blog posting (again) not through any lack of interest but couldn’t stay online.

First it was because I ran out of transfer Mbs on the wireless account. To me, it’s a strange way to buy internet access, especially since I can’t receive the emails that tell me when the account is running near empty. Error 691.

Next I received Error 800 when I tried connecting. SKS asked if I’d been messin’ with my wireless card. What the . . . ? It’s a built-in component of this laptop. Not something I mess with. The boys came over to check my network connection settings anyway. Wasn’t me and mine. Problem turned out to be that the local switch, next building over, had powered-off and needed to be turned back on.
Do not adjust your set.
Technical difficulties originate
with the service provider.
Worked fine for a few weeks. Then I couldn’t stay online for more than minutes at a time. Would get timed out while trying to open email, or to write a reply or to attach any sort of a fine. Nothing doing. What that . . . ! Continuous Error 800 messages. Why? They said I’d Disabled my Local Area connection . . . not knowingly, not by anything I was actively doing. After calling SKS and waiting late afternoon and again the next morning, I took the laptop into the shop where they showed me what-where and Enabled it. I went home and tried again. Got online. After repeated attempts via Messenger and then finally webmail I barely managed to sent some documents as text-free emails attachments. Counldn’t get back online to receive receipt confirmation . . .

What a hard-on-the-head struggle. Felt there must really be something wrong. Something changed or dying in the laptop? I didn’t know . . . That’s why, yesterday, after another morning of Error 800, Error 718 (Connection terminated because remote computer didn’t respond in a timely manner.), and “Limited or no connectivity.” messages, I slung the ’puter bag over my shoulder and walked . . .

This time, they said the the Adjanska switch was overloaded. They need more equipment at its location. I’m expecting their car or truck to show up on Adjanska (again). Not because the boys are hungry and going next door to Jail, a restauran-klub, for a meni lunch. But to install whatever is needed. Know that the adjacent house, Jail and a nearby youth internet games centar and more all trying to use this one switch with our little rooftop receiver antennae and ethernet cables running to our computers.

Until that time I can go to SKS and use my laptop there to check email, transmit files, blog, whatever . . . Thank you for this service. It’s still amazing to me that this whole web and internet thing was created and is available. In my books it’s certainly one of the build wonders of the world.

Shirt(s): SFRJ T-shirt, button-down black
loc: Adjanska 14
temp: 16 C, overcast w/ light showers
sound: Junior Brown Long Walk Back

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