07 October 2006

New Digs

I now have a 2-room flat on an old street in Senta. It has city gas for hot water heating. Below are a few shots taken while viewing the place . . . not that the owner saw them being taken.

Wood floor of the warm room, the sensible one to live in. Place is about 50 square metres . . . far more than I need, but one room can be cool storage. For 70 Euros (about $100) per month, it's a deal.

Had looked at another place nearby that turned out to be, for 50 Euros a month, a bedroom in a 3-bedroom apartment to shared with two girls (or young women?) already living there. Would likely have been an odd situation . . . (and I don't think that I want to live a Serbian return of Three's Company).

The challenge-problem is the kitchen stripped bare of almost everything: no sink, counter, cupboards, fridge, stove, et cetera . . . but that stuff is available. Some of it is easily available, on long-term loan, from a friend of a friend renovating a house almost immediately across the street that still has it's full set of furniture and fixtures. Some plastics, pots, towels, and stuff will likely be purchased after my return later this week from Pale.

Simple tiled bathroom or water closet. Need shower curtain and bathmat.

The view from the street. It's not the one and a half storey house with dormers and the built-in garage. The flat is behind this house. Number on the door marks 23A Toparska (Lake Bay Street) a.k.a. Ivo Lola Ribar (War Hero Ribar Street). Have heard that it's Eva & David's favourite street in Senta. It has rough, stone cobbles, not pavement, so it has no real truck or autobus traffic, yet it's very near town centar and near reka Tisa.

T-shirt: Bagad Kelc'h Keltieg Kombrid
loc: Adjanska 14
temp: 20 C, sunny
sound: Mandate for Murder (HU dub, on Hallmark channel)


jackie said...

Looks good, but an empty kitchen would scare me. But then again, you don't have 4 kids to feed
Happy thanksgiving Joe. I know there is no such thing there, but being a fellow Canadian, I thought that you might like a taste of home.
Speaking of taste, the in-laws brought some beer that their nephew gave them. Pumpkin beer from a micro brewery in Portland, Maine. Darned if it didn't actually taste like pumpkin! Who knew?

Broken Joe said...

Ah, pumpkin beer. Have not had that one before but i have heard of the critter. Guy in my NSCAD classes works/worked as that brewery in Portland.

My first response to seeing the bare kitchen was somewhere between disappointment and frustration. Most apartments and houses in Senta are rented fully-furnished--including dishes, pots and towels--and people have issue with getting landlords to take any of their stuff away so that they as tenant will have room for anything of their own. I had visited a fully-furnished apartment days after it was rented and there was huge frustration over trying to rearrange the landlord's decades old furnishings. Not surprisingly, the rent for a furnished apartment is higher.

We shall see how my experience goes . . .

Sonya said...

Appartment shopping... Does this mean you're there for the long haul? And here I was thinking I'd take you down to see Slack's Cove next time you're SMT-ing into Moncton. Raincheck?

Broken Joe said...

How long, I don't know. But I will be in Canada in mid-January and may well be travelling through Moncton one way or t'other. Things change constantly. Choosing to be "here" for however long means needing a place "here" as base camp, if not a home . . .

Broken Joe said...

Have learned for Viktor, engineering student at Novosadski univerzitet, son of the owners, that the cobblestone street was once a Roman road. It is under some form of protection, as is the old Jewish house with patterened, multi-coloured brick and roof tiles. Even though it is protected, it has been dug into because of the water and sewer services. When in the Roman Empire it was build I don't know, but one of the bottled mineral waters I've bought features an illustration of an Emperor Constantine coin on its label. That's Flavius Valerius Constantinus (AD ca. 285 - AD 337).