07 September 2006

Found Photo du Jour

Found this morning in the farmers' market, Senta, Serbia. Clearly a passport or similar identification card photo. Usually one alone is not sufficient. Just today I got a list of materials needed for an upcoming undertaking of mine and "2 photos" for ID purposes is on the list.

T-shirt: Joe Canada 2006
loc: Zenta centar
temp: 25 C
sound: Milapojka Youheed Ghastly Beyond Belief!


John Stiles said...

Hey Joe,

Fredericton from the air looks like London looked when Claudius came over with the Romans.

Have a great trip and (stay?).


Joe Blades said...

Thanks, John. Fredericton has about the same population now as london did them. May it not grow as large (not that either of us would ever see it then :-)

Bg anon said...

Yes do enjoy your stay.

Have you by any chance contacted Porodice Bistrih Potoka?

Might make for some interesting photos, and good experiences...